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    Tue May 16 15:42:23 2017
    ctiefel posted in tagQueueCalls.

    Ok, we are having trouble with call tagging. Every now and then a user will be unable to tag their call they just completed. If they log out and then log back into FOP they have no issue going forward with tagging future calls. But this keeps happening to different people in the call center.

    I did go in and make sure: notify_on_connect=1 was in the fop2.cfg. Originally it was notify_on_connect = 1.

    Asterisk 13.9.1
    FOP2 Manager 1.1.6
    FOP2 2.31.08

    They are using Chrome for FOP.

  2. Mon Mar 6 16:37:18 2017
    ctiefel posted in Call Center Stats Blank.

    We got this figured with help of the guys at Asternic. One of the services was not running so the tables were not populating.

  3. Thu Mar 2 16:20:25 2017
    ctiefel posted in Call Center Stats Blank.

    How would I do that?

  4. Wed Mar 1 17:57:30 2017
    ctiefel started the conversation Call Center Stats Blank.

    Our Call Center Stats Pro blanked out. It was working fine this morning and now the only thing that has data is the real time tab. We have restarted the service and made sure the cron job was running. Any thoughts on what it could be?

  5. Thu Dec 29 19:27:32 2016
    ctiefel posted in tagQueueCalls.

    I am having the same issue.

  6. Thu Dec 29 14:14:26 2016
    ctiefel started the conversation Asternic Call Center Stats Variables.

    I am having trouble with the Reports Designer for Asternic Call Center Stats. I cannot figure out to get it to show the following or if it is even capable:

    • Caller ID Name
    • Calls that went to VM
    • Calls received into a queue but transferred outside of the system.

    Any help in figuring out the variables for these would be greatly appreciated.

  7. 3 years ago
    Wed Jun 8 17:33:30 2016
    ctiefel posted in Names not updating.

    I realize this is an old thread but I am having the strangest issue. I have a button in the FOP that will not change its name. The name is correct on the extension itself and in the FOP Manager but it keeps showing the old name in the FOP when you log in. I have removed it from every queue it was part of and I have completely removed the extension all together and rebuilt it and it still shows the old name in the FOP. Any ideas?

    FOP2 - Version 2.31.00
    FOP2 Manager version 1.1.3

  8. 6 years ago
    Tue Oct 30 18:31:15 2012
    ctiefel started the conversation FOP 2 Issues.

    I am having a couple of different issues:

    1. I have a client where when they pace themselves on DND it is not showing properly on the FOP panel or on their BLF keys. They are using Yealink T28s.

    2. I have a client that when they record a call using FOP2 it does show up in the FOP2 recordings area. It accessible through the back end files but not there.

  9. 7 years ago
    Thu Jul 26 15:26:41 2012
    ctiefel started the conversation Whisper Talk Back.

    The ability to be able to use listen and whisper and have the person be able to respond without alerting the third party they are speaking with. For instance I am on a call with a client and my boss is listening and whispers to me a question I can respond to my boss without my client hearing any of the exchange.

  10. Fri Jun 1 20:42:01 2012
    ctiefel posted in DND not showing on FOP2.

    That was done already. Any other idea what could be causing the FOP2 not to register DND?


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