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  1. 9 months ago
    Wed Oct 31 16:02:56 2018

    i have found that this setting helped alleviate my issue with FOP2 freezing. please try this if you are testing and hopefully it works. Although i do not have a very high volume, only 40 users, it did help:

    ; Setting poll_status_mode to 1, will make FOP2 ignore most manager events and instead just monitor the DeviceStateChange
    ; event and poll for Status every time one of them is received. Experimental mode for high volume systems.

  2. Wed Oct 24 16:27:06 2018

    since updating to 2.31.20, call history is displaying the caller ID as follows for any macro calls.

    Only appears as S in the call history for outbound calls.


  3. Mon Oct 22 17:20:34 2018

    i am experiencing the exact same issue...there is no real time status without manually restarting FOP2 but doing so every 10 minutes is not possible and the intention. This was only after we updated to 2.30 and above.
    sadly, i do not believe there is forum support for the product anymore except for occasional updates...

  4. Mon Oct 22 17:07:22 2018
    m0nkey started the conversation 2.31.20 error on update.


  5. 2 years ago
    Wed Dec 7 03:05:21 2016

    Hello, i am just opening up this discussion to possibly see if you were able to get the agent logout to work the chrome extension being enabled.

    I suppose the solution would be to allow agents to just status themselves as DND but there are some old dogs here...

    please let us know if there was ever a fix for this.

  6. 3 years ago
    Fri Jun 10 00:44:47 2016
    m0nkey posted in Privacy Options.

    i am not sure if brakk was able to resolve this issue with the update, but i would love to be able to recreate something like this as well. I do not know if it has been at all addressed in 2.31 since but i will ask.

    Can i set it up sort of like what the user above me has requested. I would like to have ADMINS not be restricted from seeing an extensions caller id or not be able to record them. But sales agents should not be able to see each others callerid's when on a call.

    It looks like the user brakk may have gotten it to work but there has been no update. i do not have multiple offices or server, just the one. also i am using freepbx which has an autoconfig buttons file, so i am not sure if it has a custom buttons page that i would be able to edit if i could.

    I was just hoping for a little guidance if this was possible in the present and continue this thread for a solution.


  7. Fri Jun 10 00:37:37 2016
    m0nkey started the conversation Privacy for CLID in Queues.


    Is there a way to have CLID privacy for Queues? I am trying to maintain so that agents can see the call coming into the appropriate queue but it should not display the callerid, just that the phone is ringing.
    this would apply to ringroups as well, i suppose.

  8. 7 years ago
    Fri Jun 15 15:57:11 2012
    m0nkey started the conversation Remove Trunk name from Panel.

    Hello, I was wondering how to remove the trunk name from the extension status area when an outbound call is being made. I would rather just see the number dialed. Is this possible?