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  1. 4 years ago
    Mon Nov 10 11:53:52 2014

    Can I have a list of all variables that can be passed like #{CLIDNUM}. I want to captured the dialed number
    called DNID is it possible with this extension. like #{CLIDNUM}, #{CLIDNAME}, #{UNIQUEID} I need to have
    #{DNID} or #{CLIDNID} I need to have dialed numbers.
    Waiting for the response.

  2. Sun Nov 9 12:11:40 2014
    numan82 started the conversation Making Notes in Phone book or dashboard.

    Is there a way if we can add notes to each of the phone calls ? It should be added into the phone book note field where any descriptions or some details can be recorded as well.

  3. 6 years ago
    Wed Dec 5 11:51:22 2012
    numan82 started the conversation button label not displaying.

    I am having FOP2 installed on server, its working fine but the only thing that I am having the issue
    on some buttons its displaying labels and while on others it just don't. Although there is same settings and configurations

    This settings don't display the label, it only show the number 123456789 and text don't appear next to it .i.e my label name
    group=my group name
    Label=my label name
    Context=context here

    This one display normally number + text on button

    group=group name here
    Label= Label name here
    Context=context here

    Please let me know if we are missing anything.