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    Wed Apr 17 15:03:02 2019
    gordowien started the conversation DND brocken with asterisk 16.

    The issue is the function DbDel which had been depreciated since Asterisk 1.4 has now be removed, at least in Asterisk 16.

    so in

    this two lines must be changed

    192: exten => *79,n,Noop(${DB_DELETE(fop2state/${CHAN})})
    267: exten => *76,n,Noop(${DB_DELETE(fop2state/${CHAN})})

    Please change in the next update


  2. last year
    Tue Jun 12 17:26:05 2018

    using 2.31.18 plugins Presence Box DND Integration,Queue Pause from Presence box

    Agent logged in via fop to queues , make pause or DND unpause and "undnd" - all ok

    Now Agent goes to DND and later logged aut from queue - in fop the DND is gone the databse /fop2state/SIP/XX is deleted,
    the DND/XX is not deleted - so the extension XX is still DND but not longer show in FOP



  3. 4 years ago
    Thu Aug 27 15:28:35 2015
    gordowien posted in Plugin Set Call Forward.


    pero igual el usuario con el permiso "all" puede desviar cualquier teléfono. Lo que se necesita es que el usuario pueda desviar SOLO su telefono


  4. 6 years ago
    Tue Apr 9 11:19:28 2013
    gordowien posted in Auto Agent Logoff.

    Thanks It works

  5. Mon Apr 8 18:21:44 2013
    gordowien started the conversation Auto Agent Logoff.


    using FOP2Callbacks.pm ,
    ...Code: Select all
    } elsif($command eq "auth") {.....

    I manage to create a auto dynamic agent login.
    Now I would like to do an auto logoff when leaving fop2.
    There is no flash send command when leaving fop2.

    How can this be done