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    Fri Jan 23 10:05:12 2015
    mvdvorm started the conversation bash script to register or revoke a license.

    Is it possible to make a bash script to register or revoke a license without user interaction?
    Can I put a name and license-code behind fop2_server --register?

  2. 5 years ago
    Tue Feb 11 09:22:01 2014
    mvdvorm started the conversation Fast supervised transfer.

    After you hit the supervised-transfer button the request is immediately send to asterisk, but asterisk waits to complete the number with the transferdigittimeout timer.
    You can hit the # on the phone after pressing the supervised-transfer button to stop the waiting and start the dial.
    Transferring with Fop2 always have the complete number so asterisk don't have to wait.
    Is it possible that Fop2 send a invite with a # at the end on a supervised transfer?
    The transferdigittimeout timer can't be set low because the users needs some time to dial the number if they transfer by phone.
    I have set it to 2 seconds, a bit short for normal transfers and a bit too long for Fop2 transfers.
    Hitting the # on the phone to speed things up after transferring with Fop2 is not a nice solution.
    Or is there a solution that I can make in the dialplan?

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  4. Wed Feb 5 09:06:38 2014
    mvdvorm started the conversation which permission is used get the antenna.


    The chat function works great.
    If I configure no permissions for a user it get access to everything and in the upper right corner of the buttongroups an antenna appears.
    That give the option to send messages (chat/note) to the whole group.

    With chat,dial,hangupself,recordself,meetme,phonebook,pickup,preferences,queueagent,queuemanager,transfer,
    transferexternal,voicemailadmin I dont get the antenna.

    Can someone tell me which permission is used get the antenna symbol?

  5. Tue Dec 17 10:56:06 2013
    mvdvorm started the conversation install FOP2 Admin 1.2.15 Cannot redeclare rrmdir.

    Hi, I cant install Admin 1.2.15 in freepbx.
    I can install 1.2.13 but not 1.2.15.
    FOP 2.27 is installed 32bit centos.

    [root@PBX fop2]# /usr/local/fop2/fop2_server --test
    Flash Operator Panel 2 - License file fop2.lic not found.
    Running in Demo Mode
    Connection to manager OK!

    Deleted version 1.2.13:
    [root@PBX fop2]# amportal a ma delete fop2admin

    Please wait...

    Module fop2admin successfully deleted

    Uploaded 1.2.15 with the Module administration in Freepbx.
    After that I cant install fop2admin.

    [root@PBX fop2]# amportal a ma install fop2admin

    Please wait...

    PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare rrmdir() (previously declared in /var/www/html/admin/libraries/utility.functions.php:1417) in /var/www/html/admin/modules/fop2admin/ on line 1677
    [root@PBX fop2]#

    If I remove the half installed 1.2.15, upload 1.2.13 I can install fop2admin

    Is there a bug in install script of the 1.2.15?

  6. 6 years ago
    Wed Apr 10 20:14:48 2013
    mvdvorm started the conversation FOP2 Admin 1.2.13 FOP2 Buttons bug?.

    Is there a bug in the FOP2 Admin module for FreePBX?
    In FOP2 Buttons I can only modify or check/uncheck items that are on the page.
    I made 100 extensions and noticed I could not modify trunks and queues.
    After submit the changes are gone.
    Upgrade from 2.26 to 2.27 did not help, using FOP2 Admin 1.2.13.
    After changing page.fop2buttons.php to move the items i wanted to modify to the top of the page I was able to modify them.
    $buttypes = array('trunks','queues','parks','ringgroups','conferences','extensions');
    Now I cant modify the last few extensionbuttons.

  7. Wed Apr 10 19:47:39 2013
    mvdvorm posted in custom channels on one button.

    Thanks, works great.
    Is it also possible to remove the channel information and only display the cli of the calls?

  8. Tue Apr 9 20:18:18 2013
    mvdvorm started the conversation custom channels on one button.

    I have one sipaccount that register by dns.
    Outboundcalls are visible in fop2.
    For the inbound calls I had to made several custom trunks, because the provider is using several ip addresses for sending calls.
    In the adminmodule for freepbx I can put an extra channel for a trunk button.
    Is there a way to put several (6) extra channels to a trunk button?
    It would be nice to have inbound and outbound calls in the same button.