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    Tue Aug 29 21:07:43 2017
    FreerPBXer posted in Fop2 Admin Panel not log in.

    Just upgraded an affected system from 2.31.11 to 2.31.14 and still cannot login to the admin panel with the integrated fr33pbx login. Help?

  2. Tue Aug 8 21:38:50 2017
    FreerPBXer posted in Fop2 Admin Panel not log in.

    Having the same problem here. Just updated FOP2 to 2.31.12. Now cannot login to the admin panel. FreePBX 10.13.66-20. Have restarted the FOP2 service several times.

  3. Wed Jan 18 00:14:34 2017
    FreerPBXer started the conversation Drag and drop doesn't work.

    FOP2 2.31.07.

    Drag/drop transfer is enabled. Doesn't work in IE11 or FF50.x. The button just doesn't drag with the mouse; it never moves to be dropped onto another button. Have disabled D&DT, restarted FOP2, re-enabled D&DT and again restarted FOP2. No change.

  4. Tue Jan 17 23:04:02 2017
    FreerPBXer posted in Xfer to voicemail button sets DND.

    Solved: DND toggle is defaulted to *76. Some extensions start with 76xx. So when FOP2 or the ##*ext was sending ##**7642 (for example), it was being executed as son as the 6 was entered as a DND toggle. Disabling that feature in FreePBX solved the problem.

  5. Tue Jan 17 22:23:13 2017
    FreerPBXer started the conversation Xfer to voicemail button sets DND.

    We are having an issue with FOP2 2.31.07 where the Transfer to Voicemail button seems to be setting DND on extension instead of transferring the call to voicemail. Once set, it cannot be un-set using FOP2, only with *79 from the handset. The handset does not show DND enabled, just FOP2.

    We are running FreePBX 10.13.66-15 against Asterisk 13.10.0

  6. 3 years ago
    Tue Mar 1 22:26:15 2016
    FreerPBXer posted in Phone Book Issues.

    Any update on this? We have some frustrated users on 2.30.04.

  7. Tue Feb 16 23:08:07 2016
    FreerPBXer posted in Phone Book Issues.

    We also have users reporting some issues:

    1. Existing contacts do not appear in the list, but can be found by searching.
    2. Screen has to be refreshed after first click on Contacts to get the list to appear.
    3. Group arrangement settings are not sticking between login sessions (this may be user error; have not verified).
  8. Wed Dec 30 21:26:15 2015
    FreerPBXer started the conversation Window close confirmation disable.

    The setting to disable to "Are you sure" prompt when closing the FOP2 browser session used to be in presence.js. In 2.30.04 it seems to be moved, or removed from that file. How do we disable that prompt now?

  9. 4 years ago
    Wed Sep 2 19:54:05 2015
    FreerPBXer posted in Fake Continuous Call Showing.

    I've seen this same issue with two installs. At one, conferences intermittently get "stuck" as in use when they are not. At the other it was, coincidentally, a user trying to forward their phone and the extension got stuck as "in use" in FOP2. Always, a 'service fop2 restart' fixes it. Running 2.29.02 in both locations where this has happened.

  10. Tue May 26 22:01:31 2015
    FreerPBXer posted in Conference shows in use when not.

    We are stilling having this issue on a regular basis. The in-use state of the conference clears if I restart the FOP2 service. This install is running 2.29 of FOP2 against FreePBX 6.12.65-27 of FreePBX and Asterisk 11.17.1. Let me know if there is any info I can collect to help.

    Edit to add: I just noticed that 2.29.01 is out. I've downloaded and installed that. Will post back if the problem recurs.

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