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    Wed Jan 16 19:36:38 2019
    wb3ffv posted in Getting Support?.

    Of course as soon as I post this, after weeks of trying, I finally caught the chat online and got the issue corrected.

    Thanks to Agustin for the assistance!

  2. Wed Jan 16 16:49:32 2019
    wb3ffv started the conversation Getting Support?.

    I never seem to catch the online help running anymore, and have sent in multiple requests for assistance. Does anyone know what the trick is to getting help now days, as I have some licensing issues, and so far the only solution has been to purchase new licenses over and over again, or maybe that is the idea..

    Any suggestions are appreciated..

  3. 3 years ago
    Wed Apr 6 00:13:23 2016
    wb3ffv posted in Phantom calls in the queue...

    I am happy to run it in debug without you having to sit there and watch it, and I did look at your debugging info page. Any idea what level I need to run it on? I ask as I see there are lots of different options, and wasn't sure if you had something specific we needed to look at for the phantom calls.

    FYI, the server was showing 3 phantom calls earlier, and restarting the FOP2 server process of course cleared them from the display.

  4. Sat Apr 2 21:16:11 2016
    wb3ffv posted in Phantom calls in the queue...

    To be honest, I don't think anyone even knows how to transfer a user directly into the queue, so the only way they should honestly get into the queue is via the inbound IVR pathway.

    This is a server you have helped us with recently, as we also use your call center stats pro, so very easy to give you access to take a peek around if desired..

  5. Mon Mar 28 14:56:09 2016
    wb3ffv posted in Phantom calls in the queue...

    I have run the fop2 server command, and as I thought it is .05:

    # /usr/local/fop2/fop2_server -v
    fop2_server version 2.30.05

    As to debugging the ghost calls, I will take a look at the docs. I am not sure how verbose this debugging is, but this PBX has about 500 extensions, and multiple queues on it, so guessing it could be quite a bit of detail. The one thing that was passwd along to me from an agent, was that when a new call comes into the queue, it's processed normally, and the phantom call resets it's time to 0, but still remains..

  6. Thu Mar 24 17:20:03 2016
    wb3ffv started the conversation Phantom calls in the queue...

    I have updated to the most current fop2 panel, but I am seeing an issue with phantom calls appearing in the support queue. They show as a waiting call, but no number or caller information. I am guessing this must be a fop2 issue, as doing a 'queue show' in asterisk shows there are no active calls.

    I will attach an image of what I am talking about as well, any ideas on how to stop this from happening?

    Here is the call status output from queue show:

    101 has 0 calls (max unlimited) in 'leastrecent' strategy (27s holdtime, 304s talktime), W:0, C:167, A:11, SL:47.3% within 60s
    No Callers

    (members list snipped)

  7. Wed Feb 17 18:58:05 2016
    wb3ffv started the conversation Call queue times show 0 in fop2 2.30.04.

    At times when watching the queues in fop2, the callers times will show 00:00:00 when they have clearly been in the queue for a period of time, any idea as to what might cause this, or how to fix it as it's driving the client bonkers?

  8. 5 years ago
    Thu Jul 25 19:28:33 2013

    Apparently they put the new version out in the repository, so I have loaded it. Is there a new admin module, as I was trying to update an older asterisk now install as well, so see how it worked, but I can't seem to find the .14 FPBX module to download..

    Will let you know how we do memory wise after it runs a couple days..

  9. Wed Jul 24 21:20:09 2013
    wb3ffv started the conversation High FOP2 memory usage, possible leak?.

    Within the past month or so have loaded up a current FreePBX Distro (3.211.63-10) running under the current FOP2 (2.26), and though FOP2 in general is working well, every few days it seems it will tear up all the RAM and start going wacky on me. A simple restart of the fop2 service sets everything straight, and the memory is freed, and life goes back to normal.

    It's the fop2 process that keeps growing, so I can only assume that is the issue, but I am for sure open to suggestions. This is a registered paid copy of fop2, and is on a system with about 300 extensions, and an ACD queue..

  10. 6 years ago
    Thu Apr 25 13:14:29 2013
    wb3ffv started the conversation Monitoring Multiple Servers on FOP2...

    Maybe this is a FreePBX distro issue, but I am not sure. I have a fully licensed version of FOP2, and was trying to get it to monitor both of my machines.

    So following the directions, I went and modified fop2.cfg per the information on the help pages here, adding in the new entries for the next machine:

    ; Server 2 (sample)
    manager_host =
    manager_port = 5038
    manager_user = admin
    manager_secret = ampxxx

    I also made sure the asterisk install was set to accept the connection, and even used telnet to verify I could indeed connect. This all seemed simple enough, so I fire up FOP2 and login, but ONLY my local server info is displayed.

    Now here is where it gets weird, I decided as a test to take and comment out my local server settings, and leave only my remote server info in the fop2.cfg file, thinking that it would at least show the remote server then as a test. To my surprise, with ONLY the remote server in fop2.cfg I then restarted fop2, even cleared out my browser cache so I had to log back in, and still it shows only the local info. What? I would have expected it to not even be aware of the local server with that change, but still it displays only the local info. I even ran a find looking for other fop2.cfg files, but only the one existed.

    I ask if maybe the FreePBX distro with fop2 is different, as it seems to not only have fop2 files in /usr/local/fop2, but also in /etc/asterisk/fop2 as well, in fact I even tried creating a hard link between fop2.cfg so I was positive the file was available in either directory to be read, but still no change.

    Any clues on this one, or how to debunk this problem would sure be most appreciated..