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    Wed Aug 2 15:22:51 2017
    voicelinx started the conversation Full Wallboard Last Call.

    We have the full version of the FOP2 Wallboard and want the last call field to display as HH:MM:SS so that we can apply filters to it - is there any way to do this? It currently only displays as text?

    Ultimately we want to display in HH:MM:SS the last time an agent has made either an inbound or outbound call and to count how long it has been since that last activity.

  2. 3 years ago
    Tue Jan 12 16:01:19 2016
    voicelinx started the conversation Listen in calls hang up.

    We are having a problem with FOP2 for the listen in Feature.

    At the moment we are listening into a call from another extension using FOP2, when we receive another call and it is answered the person listening into the call gets hanged up. Any ideas why this happens?


  3. 6 years ago
    Mon Jul 1 08:51:27 2013
    voicelinx started the conversation Changing Device name / MAC address Hyper-V.

    I've been using FOP2 on a few installation very happily its a great product.

    Recently we have been installing asterisk on more and more hyper-v installs and recently I needed to add a new virtual NIC(Eth1) and remove the orginal NIC(Eth0)

    After doing this , I cnat seemt o get FOP2 working again :
    I get

    [root@localhost fop2]# ./fop2_server --upgrade
    eth0: error fetching interface information: Device not found
    Can't get info from ifconfig: at script/fop2_server.pl line 6807.

    Because eth0 doesn't exist any more

    If I try and re-install (After altering the makefile to point to eth1) I get:
    Reactivation failed! (ERROR)
    Upgrade Aborted. License reactivation failed.

    Any ideas?