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  1. 6 months ago
    Mon Feb 25 09:01:42 2019
    Mike posted in License not working.

    It is useless to write here or in support, this company has stopped responding to letters.

  2. 4 years ago
    Mon Jun 8 14:03:37 2015

    I tried, thank you, everything works

  3. Fri Jun 5 14:06:34 2015

    Hello Nicolás!
    Earlier, I asked a question about displaying participants queue if their names contain Cyrillic characters (when you click on the button line (filter when clicking did not work with Cyrillic)). You wrote:

    Nicolás Gudiño :
    > I made some tests to make it work with cyrilic, it will be available on the next release.

    Tell me whether there will be support in the latest release?
    If not, when it will be? Thank you!

  4. Fri Oct 24 11:58:08 2014
    Mike joined the forum.