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  1. 4 months ago
    Tue Apr 16 13:50:02 2019
    jcattan started the conversation revoke licence.

    my server has crash . can you revoke my licence eGuNabyvyj for reinstall on the new

  2. 2 years ago
    Tue Mar 14 10:56:16 2017
    jcattan posted in Queued Calls Counter Plugin.

    i've some problem with the queue call counter plugin...
    i don't have any voice in firefox or chrome ...
    i've set Enable Spoken Announcement and Enable Failed Spoken Announcement to "1"
    the graph works well
    thanks for your help

  3. Thu Mar 9 13:27:55 2017
    jcattan started the conversation Full Wallboard French Translation.

    the attach file is the french translation for the Full Wallboard Plugin .

  4. Tue Oct 4 15:08:42 2016

    that's work nice

  5. Wed Sep 21 12:03:26 2016
    jcattan started the conversation how to transfer a call in phonebook.

    i've got fop2 for a call-center and i would like to transfer a call to a person in phone book.
    i can transfer to extensions groupe queue ... bot not in phone book.
    thanks for your help

  6. 3 years ago
    Fri Jul 29 10:08:50 2016
    jcattan started the conversation dynamic queue display.

    is it possible to show queue only when there is a call inside ?
    thanks for your reply

  7. Wed Jul 27 21:11:22 2016
    jcattan posted in Changelog in FOP2 Manager.

    Hi ,
    is it possible to subscibe a newsletter for the new version of fop2 or plugins ?

  8. 4 years ago
    Wed Mar 25 14:08:11 2015
    jcattan posted in FOP2 Version 2.29.00 released!.

    hi evrybody,
    i'm sorry to inform you that there is an error in the file fop2/html/lang/fr_FR.php on the line 62 there isn't the ";" at the end of the line so we have an error : " syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE"

  9. Thu Nov 13 16:18:08 2014
    jcattan started the conversation Follow me plugins don't work.

    i've got a problem with the follow me plugin :
    i can't edit the field in fop2 (see fm.png) and after that, if i go in freepbx, my "follow-me List" are replace by the "ERROR" word (see fpbx.png)

    i've got freepbx 2.8.4 , Asterisk 11.6.0 ,FOP2.28, FOP2 Manager 1.0.3 on elastix 2.4

    Thanks for your help

  10. Thu Nov 13 16:08:01 2014
    jcattan posted in Call Flow Plugin for FOP2 2.28.

    I've got a probleme with your plugin in multiserver mode:
    the button change green /red because i'vnt got sames day/night on eath install

    this is the log of FOP2 -> Action: DBGet^M -> Family: DAYNIGHT^M -> Key: C0^M -> ActionID: 19^M
    ^M -> Action: DBGet^M -> Family: DAYNIGHT^M -> Key: C0^M -> ActionID: 26^M
    ^M -> Action: DBGet^M -> Family: DAYNIGHT^M -> Key: C0^M -> ActionID: 84^M

    i only want to monitor the

    thank for your help

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