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    Fri Sep 4 21:16:06 2015
    Philip_Lykov posted in Fake Continuous Call Showing.

    I also have such problem on all my installations.

  2. 4 years ago
    Fri Dec 5 03:27:01 2014
    Philip_Lykov posted in Green or grey button.

    I noticed a strange thing:
    After event UserEvent "UserDeviceRemoved,Data: 103\\,5" the user 103 become grey, then we receive an event UserEvent "UserDeviceAdded,Data: 101\\,5" and BOTH 101 with 102 becomes green.

    I see these events in the debug of FOP2, no other UserEvent events there are between them.

  3. Fri Dec 5 00:28:20 2014
    Philip_Lykov posted in Green or grey button.

    For my version of Asterisk (11) it works fine. I made my own logon/logout procedure with your hot desk plugin. Thank you very much for help. I looked for this events: UserDeviceRemoved/UserDeviceAdded.

  4. Sat Nov 29 21:26:36 2014
    Philip_Lykov started the conversation Green or grey button.

    Could you please point me: how do you determine if the user button should be green or grey?
    I use Users & Devices mode and my buttons within FOP2 panel never corresponds to the reality.

  5. Sun Nov 16 23:26:48 2014
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