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    Thu May 10 04:29:50 2018
    mulderlr posted in Can't pick up parked call.

    I have a similar issue of not being able to retrieve parked calls from the parking slots widget. It seems to work until I installed call history plugin. Then when calls are parked, the parking slot widget no longer updates to show the parked call, hence there is nothing to click on to get the pickup call option. I uninstall call history plugin and parking slots is working again. (Fop2 version 2.31.18, FreePBX, Asterisk 15.4.0)

  2. 3 years ago
    Wed Jan 6 04:50:58 2016
    mulderlr posted in FOP2 2.30 Beta.

    has FOP2 been tested at all or known to work with FreePBX 13 / asterisk 13 systems?

  3. 4 years ago
    Fri Mar 13 04:42:39 2015
    mulderlr posted in fop2 trixbox no trunks.

    Working great! Thanks for the help. I added the zap channel info to the buttons_custom.cfg and left the user that I wanted to see this information with all button groups unchecked in the admin and that did the trick!

  4. Wed Mar 11 14:33:30 2015
    mulderlr posted in fop2 trixbox no trunks.

    I would be happy if I could get a trunk button to show up in the GUI - monitoring the state would be icing on the cake at this point. Manually defining the button as so many examples and forum posts have indicated and defining a buttons.cfg file and pointing to it in fop2.cfg don't yield the trunk button in the GUI.

    Here is a sample capture from my show channels:

    Channel              Location             State   Application(Data)
    SIP/109-0a0706c0     (None)               Up      Bridged Call(Local/109@from-in
    Local/109@from-inter s@macro-dial:7       Up      Dial(SIP/109|15|trwWM(auto-blk
    Local/109@from-inter 701@from-internal:1  Up      Bridged Call(Zap/1-1)
    Zap/1-1              701@ext-queues:20    Up      Queue(701|t|||120)
  5. Tue Mar 10 17:06:47 2015
    mulderlr posted in fop2 trixbox no trunks.

    so, trixbox ce doesn't appear to have a 'trunks' table in the asterisk database at all. It has a zap table and a zapchandids table, but no trunks table. I can understand why that would not allow the script to create the button, but if the button is created manually, it still doesn't work.

  6. Tue Mar 10 01:08:27 2015
    mulderlr posted in fop2 trixbox no trunks.

    I am referring to the registered version, so not restricted by the 15 button limit. I will look in the code and if I find a fix, I will update this thread. Thanks for the tip!

  7. Mon Mar 9 21:56:31 2015
    mulderlr posted in fop2 trixbox no trunks.

    I have this issue of no trunks displaying on trixbox CE. I have full licensed version installed on two different systems. runs without errors, but doesn't produce trunk button information regardless of what type of trunk it is. One system has SIP trunk with no buttons produced, the other has a sangoma card with ZAP trunks and on neither system does FOP2 2.28 scripts find the trunks. So, I created buttons.cfg manually and the gui for any extension with 'all button' permissions will not show the trunk button. It isn't critical but would be nice to see it there. Is this a limitation of trixbox ce because it is so old or doing something wrong with FOP2?

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