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    Wed Jul 8 15:23:33 2015
    FetchTech started the conversation Recordself & Privacy settings.

    We are currently running FOP2 v2.29.00 and have noticed an unexpected behavior with the privacy settings of "Record" & "All". When either of these permissions are set the user is unable to record themselves (the button in FOP2 is grayed out) even though they have been granted the Recordself permission. Please let us know if this is expected or if this is something that can be corrected.


  2. Thu May 14 16:19:41 2015

    Great Thanks!! I have been checking for a forum post, I didn't think to check the download page.

  3. Thu May 14 14:38:23 2015

    Just wondering if v2.29.01 was close to being released.

  4. Thu Apr 23 14:05:59 2015
    FetchTech posted in Presence Box with DND & Pause.

    Ok, sorry I missed that. Where are the plugin descriptions that you reference? I don't want to miss anything else!! The short description in FOP2 Manager is the only one I can find.

  5. Tue Apr 21 15:00:13 2015
    FetchTech started the conversation Presence Box with DND & Pause.

    I recently globally enabled "Queue Pause from Presence box" plugin and we had "Presence Box DND Integration" globally enabled already. Last evening one of our 3rd shift agents uncovered some interesting behavior that does not appear appropriate to me. Here's a breakdown of what they did:

    • Agent set their Presence state to "Out to Lunch" and as a result Presence state as set, they were Paused and DND state was set
    • Agent returned from lunch and selected "Unpause" from menu, the agent was Unpaused and their Presence state was changed to Available.
    • Agent was unable to take queue calls or direct extension calls because their DND state was still set.
    • The Agent was able set Out to Lunch again and then back to Available to clear the DND state.

    This behavior is consistent and we were able to duplicate it this morning by repeating these steps. We are running FOP2 v2.29.00 on FreePBX 12.0.39. Can you tell me if this is the expected behavior or is this something that should not occur?


  6. Fri Apr 17 21:41:59 2015

    No hurry I can wait till the release. I would like to know where the user preferences are stored so I can "fix" any modified by the users while they have this button enabled.

  7. Fri Apr 17 15:06:57 2015
    FetchTech started the conversation Preferences Button in FOP2 v2.29.00.

    We upgraded to 2.29.00 yesterday from a pre-release version 2.29. Our users all now have the Preference button showing on their FOP2 panel but most of them do not have the "preferences" permission. The majority of our users are granted permissions using templates and are only granted: dial, hangupself, phonebook, pickup, queueagent, recordself, transfer.

    Also I am curious where those individual user preferences are stored? Once we get this disabled again I will want to check and make sure no one has preferences set that may cause issues.

    Let me know if you need more information regarding our environment.

  8. Fri Mar 20 15:00:06 2015
    FetchTech posted in AMI event filtering.

    Is this the most current list of events that are safe to filter out?

  9. Thu Mar 19 18:15:22 2015
    FetchTech posted in Queue Login Plugin for FOP2 2.28.

    Hmmm, well it was set to 0 and I was not getting the pop-up. That's why I tried -1. I don't think I ever saved the settings after install, I just looked and saw it was 0 and left it alone. I just changed it back to 0 and I did get prompted on login. Perhaps there was just something funky with the default value after install.

  10. Thu Mar 19 17:19:20 2015
    FetchTech posted in Queue Login Plugin for FOP2 2.28.

    We updated to the new version yesterday to see if it would work in our environment. Not really sure how to set the AutomaticLoginToAllQueue field in settings. The default was 0, I assumed that was disabled but with it set to 0 the users get no pop-up and are not logged into their queues. Setting it to -1 seems to bring the pop-up back. Can you let me know what values are valid here and what they do. Thanks

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