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    Sat Jun 1 17:54:57 2019
    avayax started the conversation Parked calls not showing.

    I have a park button and I am using the park action button to park a call.
    The parked call is however not showing on the park button.

    What could be the reason for that?

  2. last year
    Thu Mar 15 23:50:25 2018
    avayax posted in Is fop2 dead?.

    I haven't invested as much as you have, only a few hundred dollars and I am ok with that, but it would be a pity to see FOP2 go away, cause what are the alternatives, isymphony? Not for me.

    I have been running FOP2 on a High Availability FreePBX distro, which makes for a slightly more complicated setup, and a recent distro upgrade broke FOP2, so my operators are now just using plane physical phones to do their work.

    I also looked at Issabel but it didn't look appealing to me as well for the fact that it uses old software (FreePBX 12 is dead).

    Initially I started out with PIAF, which looked good at the time, but the heavy conflicts with them and Sangoma made that project die very quickly as well. Bad for someone using the software in production to have to completely reinstall something else from scratch.

    For now I am sticking with Sangoma, prospects look fairly good for them to be around longterm.

  3. Mon Mar 5 15:04:32 2018
    avayax posted in Is fop2 dead?.

    This forum never really was a community forum, but rather a place where the developer provided free support, as he was the only one answering questions.
    My guess is that that wasn't sustainable anymore.

    Now it's a "community forum", however a dead community forum, as nobody really knows much about FOP2.

  4. 2 years ago
    Fri May 12 14:49:52 2017
    avayax posted in fop2 with HA sync issue.

    I am running fop2 on a FreePBX High Availability setup.
    There are a few things you need to do to make it work.

    Fop2 installs config files into /usr/local/fop2, which is a directory that doesn't get synced across the HA cluster. You have to create one that does. E.g. /drbd/spare/fop2

    -Copy contents of /usr/local/fop2 into /drbd/spare/fop2.
    I initially chose /etc/asterisk/fop2, but permissions get screwed up on this frequently, so I chose /drbd/spare/fop2.

    The server binary and the license file should however reside in /usr/local/fop2, so don't copy those over.

    -Make sure that your new directory has read, write and execute permissions for the Asterisk user. The contents of the directory must be read and writeable by the Asterisk user as well.

    -Add a -c option to /etc/sysconfig/fop2 to sync the files to drbd/spare/fop2 (or whatever directory you have picked).
    E.g.: OPTIONS="-d -i em1 -c /drbd/spare/fop2/"
    em1 is what my network interface is called, yours might be different, e.g. eth0

    -Edit /var/www/html/fop2/admin and change line $SQLITEDB=[i]"/usr/local/fop2/fop2settings.db"; to $SQLITEDB="/drbd/spare/fop2/fop2settings.db"; (or whatever directory you have chosen).

    I might have forgotten something, but I think that's it.

  5. Tue Apr 4 21:19:51 2017
    avayax posted in Conference issue.

    I have the same problem.
    Some conferences on fop2 show participants but the conference is empty.
    A service fop2 restart fixes the issue.

  6. Tue Apr 4 21:17:38 2017

    Go to fop2 admin, select buttons and then click "toggle advanced fields".
    Then on the buttom of your extension you see a auto answer header field.
    Put your header in there.

  7. Mon Dec 5 23:36:20 2016
    avayax started the conversation Upgrade FOP2 on FreePBX.

    Can "wget -O - http://download.fop2.com/install_fop2.sh | bash" also be used to upgrade a fop2 version on FreePBX systems?

  8. Thu Oct 6 13:13:58 2016
    avayax started the conversation FOP2 Debug Logfile.

    I have a fop2_debug.log file in /var/log/ which fills up with debug information. I forgot where to turn on/off fop2 debug.
    Where do I adjust that?

  9. Fri Jul 22 17:20:23 2016
    avayax started the conversation FOP2 and touch screen monitors.

    Does FOP2 work well with touch screen monitors too?

  10. Fri Jul 22 17:17:33 2016
    avayax started the conversation Make whole line clickable in park slot.

    When retrieving a call from park, I have to click the little handset icon for the Pickup Call popup to appear.
    It is a little hard to hit this icon sometimes cause it's small. Better would be if the whole line from left to right including the part containing name and number of parked party would be clickable.

    Just like it is with calls in queue. There I can click the whole line.

    Convenient would also be if several parked calls would be distinguished from each other slightly via a different colored background fond. E.g blue and a little darker blue.

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