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  1. 4 years ago
    Tue Aug 11 06:40:05 2015
    pebley posted in FOP2 2.30 Beta.

    Thanks - sorted.

    This user had a template that had all Groups unticked. See attached.
    I had to run the command
    php -f /var/www/html/fop2/admin/update_conf.php 1
    to make it appear.

  2. Mon Aug 10 10:33:41 2015
    pebley posted in FOP2 2.30 Beta.

    Hi, do you want bugs/queries about 2.30 beta here or on support forum in future?

    i have a problem with newly created queues. Asterisk 12 & FreePBX 12.0.74

    Upgraded to 2.3.0 beta
    All works - Queues showing
    Created new Queue in Freepbx.
    Fop 2 Manager, reload fop & reload Asterisk, also tried service fop2 restart, shows in Fop2 Manager "Buttons" & is enabled.

    New queue still does not show in fop2?

  3. Fri Jan 23 06:57:23 2015

    Sorry it was confirmation it all works. Windows surface keyboard #awkward

  4. Thu Jan 22 07:17:41 2015

    Thanks for quick response, all sorted and works?

  5. Wed Jan 21 06:20:49 2015


    Is there an upgrade option from Full regular Version to White label version?
    I cannot see it on the "Buy" page.


  6. Mon Jan 5 21:39:25 2015

    Thanks root was /var/www/html

    I've now changed the fop2.cfg to reflect this.
    All works now


  7. Mon Jan 5 13:52:36 2015

    I cannot seem to get FOP2 to run at all. I've got it working on previous FreePBX installs, but I've tried a couple of time on fresh installs with the following setup:

    Freepbx 12, Asterisk 12, Ubuntu 14.04, FOP 2.28 (I previously typed 2.27... it is 2.28)
    (Incredible PBX 12 with Asterisk 12 and FreePBX) as per [url=]

    I just get:
    server/fop2_server --test
    Flash Operator Panel 2 - Valid License (1)
    Could not write configuration data /var/www/fop2/fop2-variablesGENERAL.txt.
    Check your file permissions

    I used debian64 package.
    Fop Manager did not install, and the neither did the MySQL tables. I have manually done both now, but still same issue.

    Couple of other screen captures
    root@swindon:/usr/src/fop2# /etc/init.d/fop2 start
    Starting Flash Operator Panel 2: fop2.

    root@swindon:/usr/src/fop2# /etc/init.d/fop2 stop
    Stopping Flash Operator Panel 2: fop2start-stop-daemon: warning: failed to kill 27118: No such process
    1 pids were not killed
    No process in pidfile '/var/run/' found running; none killed.


    enabled = yes
    port = 5038
    bindaddr = (have also tried
    displayconnects=no ;only effects 1.6+

    secret = fop222
    deny =
    permit =
    read = all
    write = all
    writetimeout = 1000
    eventfilter=!Event: RTCP*
    eventfilter=!Event: VarSet
    eventfilter=!Event: Cdr
    eventfilter=!Event: ExtensionStatus
    eventfilter=!Event: ChannelUpdate



    ; AMI definitions
    manager_host =
    manager_port = 5038
    manager_user = fop2
    manager_secret = fop222

    Any help, will be much appreciated.

  8. Sat Jan 3 08:51:57 2015
    pebley joined the forum.