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    Wed Jul 26 16:22:53 2017
    jgrace13 started the conversation Can't install AutoWrapup.

    I've bought and registered the licence for Autowrapup. I know I need to declare it in fop2.cfg like this:


    But there is no code in /var/www/fop2/plugins/ for Autowrapup and it is not working.

    How do I get this installed and working?

  2. 4 years ago
    Mon Feb 2 18:57:25 2015
    jgrace13 started the conversation Disable click and pickup call from queue?.

    Is there a way to disable an agents ability to left click and Pickup a call directly from the queue?

    When an agent does that, the call is not recorded and no record of it is kept for display in Call Center Stats Pro.

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