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    Sat Oct 21 00:03:34 2017
    mathewss started the conversation call flow plugin issue.

    I have the call flow module and at some point it broke over the past year. I spent some time today trying to debug it and see what was going on but found it difficult to figure out what is going on.

    The plugin shows my call flows and allows me to toggle them but it does not stay in sync with the servers hints.
    [code] *285@app-daynight-toggle : Custom:DAYNIGHT5 State:Idle Watchers 3

    • 284@app-daynight-toggle : Custom:DAYNIGHT4 State:InUse Watchers 2
    • 281@app-daynight-toggle : Custom:DAYNIGHT1 State:InUse Watchers 3
    • 280@app-daynight-toggle : Custom:DAYNIGHT0 State:Idle Watchers 2
    • 283@app-daynight-toggle : Custom:DAYNIGHT3 State:Idle Watchers 1
    • 282@app-daynight-toggle : Custom:DAYNIGHT2 State:Idle Watchers 3


    Button 1 and 4 should be ON but as you can see only button

    PIAF with Asterisk 11.16.0 FOP2 2.31.15

    What is the best way to track down this issue?


  2. Thu Oct 19 21:07:12 2017
    mathewss started the conversation Mini Browser Plugin - Sizeing.

    I want to show a mini browser that will be the full page width and will expand to approx 400-500px at the top of each operator panel page. Currently when the window is "collapse" and then expanded again the hight reverts to 190px. Can can I control the "default" height. I tried some javascript to set #box_browserbox to 400 but it does not have access to the parent iframe even though I am on the same domain?

    Another issue I found in the latest release is that the "sprites" where not clipped because the height of a row of the context menu was set to 20px. 18 seems to better hide the next sprite on the image.

    .context-menu-list > li {
    height:18px; /* original 20px shows top of next sprite down */
    border-bottom: 1px dotted #ddd;

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