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    Fri May 15 21:11:10 2015
    sgolin posted in Can't pick up parked call.

    Hello, I have the exact same issue where I can transfer a call to a parking lot through the FOP2 GUI, however I cannot pickup the call through the GUI by clicking on the "Pickup Call" text when hovering over the parked call.

    The difference is that I have the Parking Lot Pro module installed with 4 separate parking lots (30,40,50,60). If I dial 31,41 etc. it will pick up the call but not through the GUI and clicking on the call.

    The above fix looks to be for people who do NOT have the Parking Lot Pro module installed, but what about those who do?

    The strange thing is that in the explanation of the fix, it sounded like the default behavior was FOR the Parking Lot Pro module and it's multiple parking lots, however the functionality pre/post suggested fix does not correct the ability to pickup a call through the GUI.

    Any suggestions?

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