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  1. 5 months ago
    Fri Mar 8 10:33:16 2019

    Is this still a problem now? I have the latest version of FreePBX 14 but am still getting the same problem as described here with extensions that are not online showing as online.

  2. last year
    Wed May 9 15:37:18 2018
    leemason started the conversation custom user definable buttons.

    Is it possible to create user definable widgets within FOP2? For example a button that might call http://localhost:8080?exten={extension number}/action=pause

    I'd like to integrate this with a third party application running on the same FreePBX server but need to be able to define a couple of buttons to trigger particular actions.



  3. 2 years ago
    Wed Jul 12 12:29:35 2017
    leemason started the conversation DND status not shown in all queues.

    If an extension user puts themselves into DND using the key on the phone dialling the FreePBX feature code to toggle DND this is shown against the user in FOP2 correctly. However if that user is logged into a number of queues the DND status us now shown against all entries in all queues that the user is logged into. So you might get the proper DND notification on the user icon in the extensions display but only see the small DND icon against the user in one queue but not in order queues.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


  4. Sat Sep 24 08:51:10 2016
    leemason posted in Recreate users.

    The sounds like a great enhancement. Maybe it would be good to ask the question "Do you want to recreate current users?" and then that would give both options.

  5. Wed Sep 14 19:29:21 2016
    leemason posted in Recreate users.

    Thanks. Glad I didn't just do that then. How would I get FOP2 to add users for new extensions added to FreePBX without having to add them individually?


  6. Tue Sep 13 20:23:18 2016
    leemason started the conversation Recreate users.

    We have a number of users already setup in FOP2 be need to add a load of next extensions. If I go into the Users section and select "Recreate Users" does this have any effect on existing users or does it just add new extensions as users?

  7. Thu Sep 1 16:49:42 2016
    leemason started the conversation Only able to park one call.

    Using FOP2 2.31.02 with FreePBX 12 we are able to transfer a single call quite normally into the parking lot (default parking lot is on extension 70 with 9 parking slots from 71 to 79). However if we try to move another call into the parking lot this appears to kick the first call out of parking and this first calls then hangs up leaving the second call as the only call in the parking lot. Using just a normal transfer (*270) to transfer calls into parking this does not happen and we can park more than one call.

  8. 3 years ago
    Tue May 3 21:17:02 2016
    leemason posted in Upgrade not worked.

    Sorry about that. I contacted you via e-mail and this forum and you ask for the activation code which I posted her by mistake.

    It looks as if I downloaded the 64-bit version when the 32-bit version was needed.

  9. Tue May 3 19:17:09 2016
    leemason posted in Upgrade not worked.

    I found out that the original FOP2 registration was: xxxxxxxxxxxx


  10. Tue May 3 19:15:19 2016
    leemason posted in Upgrade not worked.

    I've just tried that with the latest 2.31 by downloading it directly using wget. I untarred the file and tried the "make" again and it failed in exactly the same way.

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