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    Mon Apr 9 09:13:12 2018
    Aida Fernández posted in Button label not displaying correct name.

    There are other solution, that it doesn’t need reboot the sever?


  2. 2 years ago
    Mon Oct 17 16:52:31 2016
    Aida Fernández posted in Pickup doesn't work.

    The call pickup button on the FOP screen is not picking up the call.
    FOP 2.30, Asterisk 11.20.0, FreePBX i Centos 6.7
    The user has the "pickup" permission.
    The calls pick up from the phone.

  3. Thu Oct 13 07:56:25 2016
    Aida Fernández posted in Don't work button pickup.


    Could you see the issue? I'm waiting for the reply.

    Aida Fernández

  4. Mon Oct 10 15:02:11 2016
    Aida Fernández started the conversation Don't work button pickup.


    I have a problem with fop2. We can't pickup the calls with the button pickup. The user has the permission pickup. Also in the FreePBX is configured in the Asterisk Dial Options Tt.

    Can you help me?

    FOP2 - Version 2.30.00

    Thanks for everything.


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    Tue Aug 18 11:38:44 2015
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