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    Wed Mar 6 18:32:12 2019
    rnrstar started the conversation Duplicate Calls Cause Incorrect SLA Reporting.

    We have noticed that we get a lot of phantom calls where a phone number will be listed twice in a queue. One call will be answered while the other sits there until we restart FOP. This then seems to turn that call into an abandoned call which can affect the SLA for that queue. We are using FOP2 2.31.21 with FreePBX FreePBX and Asterisk 16.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Wed Mar 6 18:28:24 2019

    If you go into templates and then click on the Permissions drop down you will see callhistory as one of the options. Be aware that turning this on hammers your mysql database. We ended up turning it off because it beat up the server so much.

  3. Thu Feb 28 18:10:22 2019

    I'm pretty sure that is stored in mysql. If you do a backup of your server and restore that, it should carry over. That's been my experience.

  4. Thu Feb 28 17:59:28 2019

    I'm having the same issue under the same version of Asterisk.

  5. Thu Feb 28 17:39:18 2019
    rnrstar started the conversation 1.<> Shows as call waiting in queue.

    We get situations where we will get "phantom" calls showing in the queues. For example, it might show "1.<> 00:00:51" Sometimes it will show a full number but when an agent tries to pick up the call, nothing happens.

    We are running Fop2 version 2.31.21 on Freepbx 14 running Asterisk 16.
    Asterisk 12.7.5-1902-3.sng7

    The only thing that seems to resolve this is to restart the fop2 service but that is very disruptive as this happens several times a day.

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    Fri Nov 30 22:17:01 2018
    rnrstar started the conversation FOP becomes erratic and unresponsive.

    We are having a problem with FreePBX 13 and FOP2 in that FOP will become erratic in how it reports stats and eventually it seems to crash the server to the point where Asterisk can no longer accept calls. We have experienced this on two different platforms. We initially had a Dell PowerEdge 720R and now we are on the UC400 appliances from Sangoma. What we are seeing is that Fop will report that a user is on a call but that user is no longer on the call. It will show calls in a queue but those calls are no longer in the queue. We also see from the freepbx dashboard that active calls goes higher than the number of online users. We often see 100-200 active calls when there are only 50-80 active users.

    Users will also report that they are unable to change their presence or that a user shows they are still on a call when they have long ago hung up.

    We also see that a caller ends up in a queue and they only hear silence instead of the hold music. Other times the call gets rejected altogether.

    When we did an inspect we are seeing a couple errors.
    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) /fop2/admin/plugins/callhistory/callhistorybs.php:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)

    jquery-1.11.3.min.js:5 [Deprecation] Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user's experience. For more help, check https://xhr.spec.whatwg.org/ .

    Is there a way to run FOP on a server other than the actual asterisk server?
    What should we be looking for that might be causing these issues?

    We are running v2.31.19

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    Thu Jul 19 18:49:45 2018
    rnrstar started the conversation Can Fop2 run on server other than Asterisk?.

    We are setting up a High Availability FreePBX 13 server and we are being told by Sangoma that FOP2 won't work on an HA configuration. I've seen that you have some documentation on that indicating that it does work. Be that as it may, is it possible to install FOP2 on a separate server other than the FreePBX server?

  8. Fri Jul 13 19:39:12 2018
    rnrstar started the conversation Call History seems to crash server.

    We have FOP2 on a couple different server configurations. The first is a single server and the other is an HA configuration. What we have been experiencing is the server will stop taking calls, stop allowing calls, and eventually hangs. We also see a lot of phantom calls in that it will show far more active calls than we have agents. We are running the latest versions of FOP2 and FreePBX 13.

    What we think we have found is that CPU utilization will start to get very high and then eventually the server experiences the symptoms above.

    This all started about two months ago when we started to have more than 50 agents using FOP2. Looking at some metrics, we feel that the Call History plug-in is causing the high CPU utilization.

    Does this make any sense or do you have any other suggestions. If this is a problem with call history, is there something we can do to reduce the resources it consumes?

  9. Fri May 18 18:27:02 2018
    rnrstar started the conversation Phantom Active Calls Crashes Server.

    We are seeing a situation where when we look at the number of active calls on the dashboard of FreePBX it will show far more calls than what is actually in use. Eventually the server will stop accepting calls and we are unable to place outbound calls. This has happened several times over the last couple months. We have had this problem on two separate hardware platforms. What we see are periodic spikes in active calls and then eventually it will climb to over 100 active calls and the server hangs.

    We are running:
    Fop2 2.31.18

    I also noticed a situation where a couple users had placed themselves on pause for a break and when they came back they were unable to unpause their extensions. The only way we could clear that was to restart FOP2 by using "service fop2 restart". The last time we did that, about five minutes later, the server stopped accepting calls and users were no longer able to dial out.

    Other times we have noticed that phantom calls will get stuck in the queue and users are not able to pick up the call and it will continue to accumulate time on the timer well past our cutoff of 10 minutes where normally it would route the call to voicemail.

    Any suggestions as to what might be going on or where to look?

  10. Tue May 1 16:40:55 2018
    rnrstar posted in Manager Connection Problem.

    Where is the custom file located?

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