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    Wed Oct 7 13:21:46 2015
    mogan started the conversation v. 2.30.00 first impression.

    Just updated my previous version of FOP2 to the new 2.30.00 and it looks great, but I'd like to make some suggestions.

    The new style is a little too small for my setup (and my eyes :D ) maybe is made for big companies that has a lot of buttons, but for small offices with few extension is quite different, I have a 27" monitor and the text is very very small. I can increase font size, but that causes the buttons to overlaps everywhere. Is it possible to edit the css templates?
    The new phonebook style is more up-to-date but it's a little bit harder to read the fields. The css style are not perfectly represented on screen, cause there is a scroll bar on the right that overlap on the text (see image).
    I use firefox 41.0.1 on windows xp. The sip server is a freepbx latest version.

    Suggestion: could be possible to add a couple of button on the call history?

    1. to manually update the call history, showing new entries whenever new calls are placed
    2. to automatically add the number (called or caller) to the phonebook.

    Great product btw (just buyed license cause good products needs to be supported).

    Best regards
    Marco Giannini

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