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    Thu Sep 21 12:35:00 2017 posted in Button Name Not Updating.

    I have changed the name of an extension within the admin section along with changing the button name in that same admin area. When I login to fop2 however the old name of that button/extension still exists. Any idea why this might be so? I've tried to run an fop2 reload and restart but the old name still remains. Thanks

  2. 2 years ago
    Fri Aug 4 20:52:34 2017 posted in FOP2 Manager login fails, not enough privledges.

    When you login to the admin are you seeing the plugins section?

  3. Fri Aug 4 15:35:36 2017 started the conversation No plugins tab in admin.

    When I attempt to log into admin (FOP2 Server Status: OK - Version: 2.31.10) There is no plugin button on the left hand side of the screen? Has anyone else noticed this?

  4. 3 years ago
    Mon Jun 27 17:40:52 2016 started the conversation Drag and Drop Transfer.

    Drag and drop transfers do not seem to be working. I click on the phone icon of an ongoing conversation of mine and drag it to another extension and let go. No matter where I let it go the call does not transfer.

  5. Mon Feb 15 16:20:18 2016 started the conversation Call History.

    Is it possible to allow one user to see the call history of all other users when they login to their fop2? Instead of just seeing their call history? thanks

  6. Tue Feb 2 14:37:34 2016 started the conversation Sales Force CRM Screen Pop?.

    I am looking to have a screen pop to sales crm. Has anyone linked the two before using the chrome popup options? I have linked it to suitecrm and it works great searching for caller id. Just wondering about salesforce. Thanks

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