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  1. 10 months ago
    Tue Oct 30 10:03:14 2018

    I've also came across with such an issue when abandoned calls stats in full wallboard and queue stats plugins is different.
    How comes 2 plugins have different calculation method for abandoned calls?

  2. 3 years ago
    Tue Sep 6 13:23:08 2016
    jenova started the conversation Plugin request.


    Is it possible to create fop2 plugin which will allow to change agent's penalty in a particular queue? It is very useful feature allowing manual queue load balancing when needed.
    I would be willing to pay for such plugin.

  3. Tue Sep 6 13:14:48 2016
    jenova started the conversation Full wallboard.


    I'm interested in purchasing the full wallboard plugin but in my opinion it really lacks features of Queue Alarm plugin.
    Most of the time in our call center we do not have calls waiting in queue (as we're highly concerned on our SLAs) - we do use queue alarm plugin configured with quite a low threshold with "enable sound" option and as soon as supervisor hears the alarm he unpauses himself or a relevant back office agent to answer the call. I would prefer to use full wallboard on a big screen with sound in order to have both - full stats and alarms.

    Is it possible to integrate Queue Alarm into Full wallboard plugin?

  4. Wed Jun 8 10:55:22 2016
    jenova posted in Changelog in FOP2 Manager.

    thanks in advance!

  5. Wed Jun 8 10:54:55 2016

    Thanks for the tip, I didn't know that.
    Still if it's possible to add (maybe as an option configurable via fop2 settings) it would be great. This way you can easily spot the change of SLA value per queue.

  6. Wed Jun 8 10:51:14 2016
    jenova posted in timer in Queues?.

    Asterisk 11.17.1

    Yes, eventwhencalled is set to YES in every queue.

  7. Fri May 20 08:04:58 2016
    jenova started the conversation timer in Queues?.


    I have some strange timer displayed in queues window for some agents. I do not really understand which value it shows (it is not talk time) and it seems to be displayed randomly (or at least I was not able to understand its' behavior pattern yet).
    FOP2 restart make it disappear but only sometimes.

    Is it a bug or a matter of configuration/misconfiguration?

    P.S. screenshot attached

  8. Fri May 20 07:53:09 2016
    jenova posted in Queue Stats daily reset.

    Yes, that's an option available in queue config page. Exactly what I've been looking for.
    Thanks a lot!

  9. Fri May 20 07:50:42 2016
    jenova started the conversation Queue Stats - feature request.

    It would be quite useful to have actual service level value displayed per queue. For example, like on the attached screenshot.
    Thanks in advance!

  10. Fri May 20 07:04:47 2016
    jenova started the conversation Changelog in FOP2 Manager.

    It would be nice to have changelog for FOP2 and plugins available in FOP2 manager.
    Something like clickable version number which shows you complete changelog (in expandable block?) or opens a separate web page with changelog.

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