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  1. 9 months ago
    Thu Dec 13 10:52:22 2018
    guimatos28g started the conversation License not working.

    I buy a license again, but not working.
    I receive the message: Serial Code not available for registration!
    I already send an email for support, but nobody helps me!!
    I need to activate this feature as a soon!

  2. last year
    Thu Jul 12 15:15:13 2018
    guimatos28g started the conversation HELP! Delay on Spy screen.

    I need a urgent help for the FOP2.
    In the spy panel, all the actions of the extensions (Calls / DND / Status) appear with some delay (approximately 7 minutes).
    I have already restarted the service, the server, I have tested some solutions, but none of them solved.
    I need to solve this as soon as possible!
    Does anyone have any ideas?

  3. 3 years ago
    Fri Mar 18 13:12:55 2016
    guimatos28g started the conversation Status DND on CISCO Telephones.

    Hi everyone,
    A few days ago we installed a FOP2 on our freepbx.
    Works fine with exceptions, for example:
    We've telephones of cisco systems(Model SPA303), and we need that DND status function be shown on FOP2.
    I believe that have an incompatibility with FOP2, FREEPBX and Cisco, because in our company in Brazil we've other telephones model (Intelbras TIP300), works fine with DND status on FOP2.
    When I try call *78, nothing changes or show me on dashboard on FOP2.
    Has anyone that problem to ? Or any suggestion to apply on our config ?

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