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    Thu Aug 16 23:04:39 2018
    tanvir22 posted in This plugin is a dialer.

    has anyone found out anymore information on this?

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    Mon Jul 24 19:25:47 2017
    tanvir22 started the conversation Speed Dial Module.


    does anyone know if there is a way to change the Speed Dial plugin to do a blind transfer inside of an attended transfer? Currently we have some contact / speed dials created with external cell phones and when calls are transferred to them we dont want them to ring back after the afx timeout expires.


  3. Wed Jul 19 07:11:20 2017

    On the old system run:
    /usr/local/fop2/fop2_server --revoke

    And then on the new system run:

    /usr/local/fop2/fop2_server --register

    You will be prompted for your license codes in both cases.

  4. Sat Jun 10 01:20:31 2017
    tanvir22 started the conversation Feature Code Button in FOP2?.

    I am new to FOP2 so please excuse my ignorance. we have a new client that has purchased FOP2. Everything works great so far but we do have a question. The client purchased the CallerID management module for FreePBX so that they can change their callerid when calling on behalf of one of their clients by typing in a feature code before making the call (i.e.: *20, *21, etc).

    In there a way to integrate this into FOP? may be a custom button and enters a feature code? I am not sure how to do this or if FOP is capable of doing this. Any advise on this would be greatly appreciated!

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    Thu Mar 17 20:51:12 2016
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