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    Tue Mar 5 15:29:33 2019

    Any comment on that?

  2. Mon Feb 25 20:49:01 2019
    othibeault started the conversation Enable call history without enable everything else.

    Among all user rights, diial,hangup,meetme,pickup,record,spy,transfer,transferexternal,queuemanager,queueagent,phonebook,chat,preferences,hangupself,recordself,voicemailadmin,broadcast,sms,smsmanager

    None of them enable the access to call history, I must put the right "all" to permit that, but I dont want to give access to all the feature since not all of them are supported by my PBX and I don't want them to spy or anything else.

    Do you have any other rights that is not listed in fop2.cfg?

    Or a method to set the right to "all" then disable certains like : user=299:1234:all,!spy

  3. 2 years ago
    Wed Dec 7 15:08:56 2016
    othibeault posted in noExtenInLabel .

    Every context in "setup" is in uppercase, although I always enter my contexts in lowercase...


    I remember having issue with some originate before where FOP2 try to call the context in asterisk in uppercase and the originate failed because of that.

    I change it manualy and now it work : update setup set value = 'true' where context = 'XXX' and parameter = 'noExtenInLabel';

    Thanks for the sqlite thing, I see others setting I can check, like the language who is set to fr_FR in general but still "en" in my context.

  4. Wed Dec 7 13:59:53 2016
    othibeault posted in noExtenInLabel .


    page 2 noExtenInLabel => yes

    I dont have any option to chose the context

    I use the "enableDragTransfer" option and it work fine for default and my context.

  5. Tue Dec 6 15:17:53 2016
    othibeault started the conversation noExtenInLabel .

    After making some tests with your latest version 2.31.06, I finaly understand why noExtenInLabel doesnt work for certain and work for others.

    If you configure your users/buttonfile in the "general" context of /usr/local/fop2/fop2.cfg and call your fop2 : http://your_server/fop2, it work fine


    If you configure your fop2 to be multi-tennant and configure your users/buttonfile in a custom context, exemple :


    then call you fop2 with the custom context : http://your_server/fop2/?context=blablabla

    The noExtenInLabel doesnt work anymore, even if your activate it in the admin menu or in the presence.js file.

  6. Mon Nov 14 14:28:51 2016
    othibeault posted in Clickable numbers with extension.

    I tried 418-123-4567*890 and 418-123-4567,890 and in both case, FOP2 remove the non numeric caracter and tried to send 4181234567890

    -- PROCESS_FLASH_COMMAND origen 38 accion dial destino 4186680745245 password XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    validate password using key XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    VALIDAR USUARIO XXXXXXXXX OK con clave regular -> Action: Originate -> Channel: Local/XXXXXX@XXXXXXX -> Exten: 4181234567890 -> Context: XXXXXXXX -> Priority: 1 -> CallerID: test <XXX> -> Variable: -> Async: True <- Response: Error <- Message: Extension does not exist.

  7. Thu Nov 10 16:18:18 2016
    othibeault started the conversation Clickable numbers with extension.

    I want to use the google chrome extension to dial numbers via a web page but some of my numbers have en extension after it like XXXXXXXXXX*XXX or XXXXXXXXXX,XXX.

    Only the first part is detected.

    Is there a way to make to full number clickable? Or maybe in the future, have an option to put a custom regex for the number detection?

  8. 3 years ago
    Mon May 30 19:09:08 2016
    othibeault started the conversation How to know the license number.

    I search for a way to know to license number of an active FOP2 but it dont seem to be any.

    If you can tell me a command for fop2_server or fop2 CLI to show the license number or I can send to you my licence number so you can tell me the IP address attach to it.

    Thank you.

  9. Fri May 20 15:52:15 2016
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