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    Thu Jul 28 21:31:52 2016

    That worked!

    Suggestion, maybe have another option to specify using TLS, or have an exception caught if the SSL handshake fails suggesting the user try adding the --rp=http option?

  2. Thu Jul 28 14:35:04 2016

    I am still unable to register my FOP2 instance, any idea on how I can resolve this issue?

  3. Wed Jul 27 15:03:50 2016

    Attempting to register, get the following error:

    Could not contact registration server, please try again later. at /loader/0x1137                                                                             470/FOP2/ line 509, <> line 1.

    In looking at a packet trace I've found that the registration script appears to be trying to use SSLv2 and SSLv3 to connect to instead of TLS. I did a Qualys SSL test against and found that SSLv2 and SSLv3 are not supported (rightly so). The OS I'm running is the most recent FreePBX 13 distro.

    Any ideas on how I might go about forcing the registration to attempt TLS instead of SSLv2/3?


  4. Thu Jun 30 15:13:08 2016
    jpatten started the conversation [SOLVED] PJSIP FOP2 AutoAnswer.

    So after banging my head against the wall for an hour trying to figure out how to make FOP2 AutoAnswer work with PJSIPin Asterisk 13 I found a working AutoAnswer header:


    Just thought I'd pass this bit of info on so anyone else struggling with this would be able to find the answer.

  5. Wed Jun 29 20:06:01 2016
    jpatten joined the forum.