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    Thu Mar 21 18:07:01 2019

    I've tried adding some entries to presence.js:

    presence['Washroom'] = '#2da4ff';
    presence['Chat'] = '#ddf74d';
    presence['Notes'] = '#ff8de0';

    and to lang_en.js:

    lang['Washroom'] = 'Washroom';
    lang['Chat'] = 'Chat';
    lang['Notes'] = 'Notes';

    Yet these entries aren't appearing in the dropdown. If I edit an existing entry, that change is reflected. Any ideas? I've tried restarting fop, but doesn't have any effect.

    Also, any guidance on the best way to remove the "Other" option?

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    Tue Apr 17 17:00:58 2018
    jvanderz started the conversation Reporting on presence changes.

    We're using the "Change Presence Menu" plugin to track the status of users. We'd love to be able to report on these state changes - is there any way to do that (ie via accessing the underlying mysql database)? Currently we're only able to report on the queue pause/unpause events (in stats.queue_stats), but ideally we'd like to report on more granular info (ie why the agent was paused). Thanks!

  3. 3 years ago
    Wed Aug 17 17:06:39 2016
    jvanderz posted in Pause time counter.

    Any update on this plugin? It's something we would like as well.

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