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    Wed Oct 19 14:11:12 2016
    stephenv started the conversation Full Wallboard feature request.


    Can we get the ability to use custom variables in the full wallboard? Even if it is a predefined set (eg: {CUSTVAR1}, {CUSTVAR2} )
    Our call center wants to display both total abandoned calls and abandoned calls that waited over 6 seconds. In order to do this I had to hack the getstatsfromasternic.php and steal the SERVICELEVEL variable (I don't display service level).

  2. Thu Oct 6 14:56:19 2016
    stephenv posted in Transfer context.

    I tried setting TRANSFER_CONTEXT as an originate variable in fop.cfg and on the buttons, but it did not help.
    So I changed the context for each button from "from-internal" to my transfer context and it works like this.

    Thanks, this will do :)

  3. Thu Oct 6 12:37:49 2016
    stephenv started the conversation Fullwallboard AGENTSREADY variable.


    How is the AGENTSREADY value determined in the fullwallboard?
    I grouped together 15 queues into one box and it appears to be counting them together for each queue. I have agents that are part of every queue, so the number of agents ready on the wallboard is way more than there actually is.
    How can I make it ignore duplicate agents in the group?

  4. Mon Oct 3 11:33:55 2016
    stephenv started the conversation Transfer context.


    I want to change the transfer context in FOP2 from "from-internal" to my own custom context. Where do I go to change this value?
    I'm using version 2.31.03 with FreePBX 13

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