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    Wed Aug 2 18:32:42 2017
    marvinman started the conversation Update FOP2 to the latest version.

    Sorry, it's been awhile since I've had to do this & last time it was a major pain.
    But can you remind me how to update to the latest version?
    I currently have:
    FOP2 Server - Version: 2.31.07
    FOP2 Manager - Version 1.1.5

  2. Thu May 18 04:13:19 2017

    It shows up for me on every page. I've disable all other extensions to confirm. And when FOP2 is disabled it goes away...

  3. Mon May 15 22:24:37 2017

    FYI, your Chrome extension is throwing an error in my console.
    See attached.

  4. Mon Jan 23 21:38:44 2017
    marvinman started the conversation Can't register/update.

    I had an old PBX in a Flash distro with FOP2 running fine.
    I converted to the official FreePBX distro & updated to version 13.
    After that my FOP2 didn't work anymore.
    So I ran the install script from:
    It said my license was out of date & I needed to purchase a new one, so I did: Invoice ID: 2085515426
    But when I run "/usr/local/fop2/fop2_server --register" it says "fop2_server: command not found".
    I do see the "fop2_server" file in this folder.
    What now?

  5. Thu Dec 8 22:01:25 2016
    marvinman posted in Manager Connection Problem.

    Hmmm yap that did the trick, thanks.
    I don't know how it was working all this time then, the files list modified date was in 2015.

  6. Wed Dec 7 23:31:10 2016
    marvinman posted in Manager Connection Problem.

    Thanks for the reply, when I ran the script I got "User 'fop2' already exists in Asterisk Manager configuration". Here's what my "manager_custom.conf" file looks like.

  7. Wed Dec 7 19:55:33 2016
    marvinman started the conversation Manager Connection Problem.

    Our FOP2 setup has been working fine without issues for years now. But just yesterday I started getting "Manager Connection Problem" message. The UI & buttons show up fine, but none of the call activity is shown. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

  8. Tue Oct 18 19:01:31 2016
    marvinman started the conversation Hide Voicemail indicator icons.

    Is there any way to hide the voicemail indicator icons for users?
    If not, can you add an option?
    I don't want my average users to see this. It's only useful for my admin staff.

  9. Mon Oct 17 17:01:54 2016
    marvinman started the conversation Deploying Chrome Extension for all users.

    We already have FOP2 setup in our office & working well.
    I have the FOP2 Chrome Extension installed for myself & that's also running fine.
    I'd like to deploy the extension to everyone in our office so they can click-to-call from any website, but I'd prefer to not have to setup new FOP2 user accounts for each of them. They already have an extension number & voicemail password. Is there any way they can just use this info to log in?

  10. Tue Oct 11 18:00:17 2016
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