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    Tue Sep 19 21:24:39 2017
    rn23 started the conversation FOP2 Popup Delay Chrome.

    Hello, I'm noticing a bit of a delay with the popup on Chrome with the Chrome FOP2 plugin. What I'm seeing is when a call comes in, there may not be a popup in my browser. After a call or two, I get a bunch of popups showing all the calls that came in. Sometimes when a call comes in, there's no issue with the popup. Any suggestions?

  2. 2 years ago
    Tue Apr 25 21:32:18 2017
    rn23 started the conversation FOP2 Popup Content.


    Is there any way of getting information from a webpage via the popup content when a call comes in? For example, when a spam call comes in I would like to get a spam score or some piece of information that tells me a call is spam without having to google the number.

  3. Thu Jan 12 19:34:23 2017
    rn23 posted in FOP2 and HTTPS.

    Excellent this works! Thanks again.

  4. Tue Jan 3 15:21:27 2017
    rn23 started the conversation FOP2 and HTTPS.


    I recently converted my PBX from a HTTP to HTTPS instance. On the same instance, I have FOP2 running on there. Prior to the change, FOP2 login screen or the /fop2 user console would popup rather quickly. After HTTPS was added, I've noticed that the login screen doesn't popup for a little bit. I see the timer counting up to about 8 before any login box pops up. Please advise any changes that need to be made to fix this issue.

  5. Fri Oct 21 17:32:35 2016

    After a bit of trial and error I got it working. I had the internal database data in the freepbx.conf file but commented out. When I removed it, everything was working fine.

  6. Thu Oct 20 21:12:27 2016

    Wanted to throw in some other troubleshooting that I've done.

    I removed all the FOP2 tables from my internal SQL database on my PBX. I ran /usr/local/fop2/autoconfig-buttons-freepbx.sh and saw the buttons being listed.

  7. Thu Oct 20 13:53:34 2016

    I moved the entire asterisk database over to my external mysql server or in this case, RDS on AWS. Which configuration files should I peek at for changing the mysql settings? I saw a couple files and did some changes but wasn't getting any buttons to show on my user portal.

  8. Wed Oct 19 13:06:52 2016
    rn23 started the conversation FOP2 and external database.


    I was wondering if it was possible for FOP2 to support external databases. A bit of a background of what I'm trying to accomplish. I moved the asterisk database to an external server and removed all ties with the internal database on my Asterisk system. Is it possible for FOP2 to work with an external database?

  9. Tue Oct 18 13:53:15 2016
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