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    Thu Jun 6 07:45:31 2019
    aratel started the conversation FOP2 with multiple contacts on PJSIP extension.


    I use Freepbx 14 latest Distro with PJSIP extensions. I authorize multiple contacts on each PJSIP extension so I can use a desktop SIP phone and a Softphone on my smartphone simultaneously

    When I use the FOP2 for exemple CALL action or LISTEN action, it only rings on my iPhone, not on my desktop phone anymore.

    Have you a solution for that ?


  2. 2 years ago
    Thu Jan 26 22:48:45 2017
    aratel started the conversation Using FOP2 Phonebook with LDAP server.


    I've a Freebpx installed with about 400 contacts in a openLDAP directory. My customer uses FOP2. He manages only the LDAP directory.

    Can I make a connection between FOP2 Phonebook and the LDAP directory ? So when he add a contact into LDAP, it will also be automaticaly add to FOP2 Phonebook ? And so on...


  3. Mon Jan 23 15:05:02 2017
    aratel posted in Phonebook lookup.

    Thank you, it works for incoming calls.

    How can I make it working for outgoing calls ? Is there a way ? I don't see any option for CID lookup source in outbound routes...

  4. Tue Jan 3 09:40:36 2017
    aratel started the conversation Phonebook lookup.


    is it possible to have a name from a ldap source or phonebook instead of a phone number when a user is in conversation ?

    So I can see with who he is speaking instead of a number I don't know.

    Thank you

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