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  1. 2 years ago
    Tue Aug 29 20:24:12 2017
    gbaughma posted in Names not updating with freepbx.

    It is a two-step process.
    "Reload Asterisk" pulls the information from asterisk into FOP2. Once that is completed, "Reload FOP" commits the changes and updates the switchboard.

  2. Tue Aug 29 20:20:43 2017
    gbaughma posted in CALLER ID Attended Transfer .

    I had a similar problem (unrelated to FOP2, but the same as you are having) in that when I transferred a call, the caller ID was showing the station that was doing the transfer (the extension) instead of the original CID. This is a phone / asterisk setting, not a FOP2 setting.

    In the phones, you need to change your CallerID Source to PAI (or such) so that it shows the original caller ID, and not the "FROM" Caller ID.

  3. Tue Aug 29 20:05:37 2017
    gbaughma posted in Login to FOP.

    What browser are you using? Chrome recently disabled flash. It can be enabled again, but you have to do it in the chrome settings.

  4. Mon Feb 27 13:15:22 2017
    gbaughma posted in Chat Not work.

    You need chat permission, and possibly chat-admin

  5. Wed Feb 22 21:11:14 2017
    gbaughma posted in Suggestions for future release.

    avayax 15 Nov 2015 Edited last year by avayax
    How about an option to start/restart fop2 from fop2 manager?
    Is that also a privilege issue?

    While you couldn't do this from the FOP2 web interface, you *COULD* do it in a dialplan in Asterisk... dial a "secret code" which would restart the service (or run any command you wish....)

  6. Wed Feb 22 21:00:58 2017
    gbaughma posted in One moment please.

    Are you connecting with the FQDN or with an IP address?
    Sounds like you may have an issue with DNS or with your gateway.

  7. Thu Feb 9 22:06:49 2017
    gbaughma started the conversation Name Sort.

    Really a feature request....
    We have our folks in groups. Groups can be a half dozen people, or they can be 25 people. The names are currently sorted horizontally... it would be nice if there were the option to sort vertically instead. Makes it easier on the eyes to track....

    Adam Ashley Becky
    Crystal Dennis Edward
    Fred Greg Peter

    "vertical" sort:
    Adam Crystal Fred
    Ashley Dennis Greg
    Becky Edward Peter

    Thanks for listening!

  8. Mon Jan 23 16:18:28 2017
    gbaughma posted in Transfer to voicemail.

    (This has become a moot point since management this morning decided that everyone gets voicemail)

  9. Mon Jan 23 13:51:26 2017
    gbaughma started the conversation Transfer to voicemail.

    When we first deployed FOP2, the "Transfer to voicemail" button would "grey out" if the mailbox did not have a voicemail.

    That was awesome, because the switchboard could tell if the user had voicemail or not.
    Mysteriously, that stopped working.... any idea what may have changed?

  10. Mon Jan 23 13:25:55 2017

    Yes... I have the presence box DND plugin installed.

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