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    Tue Dec 12 02:51:17 2017
    mehrez started the conversation mini browser and popups.


    i follow your guide for popups ( )
    and you said that "If the mini browser plugin is installed, then popup urls will be opened inside that iframe" but it doesnt work for me
    popups are always opened in new windows
    Is there something else i have to do or verify

    im using freepbx 13 distro with asterisk 13.14

  2. Thu Sep 28 00:15:58 2017
    mehrez started the conversation Fop2 and Fax.

    Hi can we manage fax extensions with fop2 (receive send like voicemail)
    Thank you

  3. 2 years ago
    Mon May 29 22:48:10 2017
    mehrez started the conversation agent name.


    I have a problem with the display of agent names
    After changing the names of the agents, for some the new name appears well, for other the name remained unchanged.
    Is there anything to do?

    as you can see in the atach file only extensions 9105 and 9106 are corectly display in fop2

  4. Mon Apr 3 01:50:55 2017
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