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    Mon Jun 12 17:37:22 2017
    wilson.mello posted in Problems with FOP2 transfer.

    Nobody went through this?

  2. Mon Jun 12 11:08:48 2017
    wilson.mello posted in Problems with FOP2 transfer.

    And, folks, any solution to this problem?

  3. Fri Jun 9 15:16:39 2017
    wilson.mello started the conversation Problems with FOP2 transfer.

    Guys, something is happening, it gives me a lot of headaches.

    1st Senary:
    The asterisk receives the call and queues it.
    I click on the queue and capture the call, all buttons work, including blind transfer and assisted transfer. But I am not informed of the waiting time of the call I have answered.

    2nd Senary:
    The asterisk receives the call and queues it.
    I do not click to pick up the call, pick up the phone normally.
    I am informed of the waiting time of the call that answered but the buttons do not respond.
    When I click on Assisted Transfer, I listen to the handset as if dialing and the call does not transfer.

    What can I do to solve this problem?

    Can you help me ?

    I'm from Brazil, sorry for my English, I'm using google translator.

  4. Fri May 19 15:35:40 2017

    In asterisk 11, when you create a confbridge, we can put whatever name it creates bridges with numbers and in ascending order.

    Ex: confbridge.conf

    Type = bridge
    Max_members = 10
    Language = en

    Type = bridge
    Max_members = 10
    Language = en


    [CONFERENCE / 1]
    Type = conference
    Label = SALA 1
    Server = 1
    Extension = 500
    Context = conference

    [CONFERENCE / 2]
    Type = conference
    Label = SALA 2
    Server = 1
    Extension = 510
    Context = conference

    So it worked perfectly with fop2

  5. Thu May 18 20:52:47 2017

    I'm sorry, as I said, I'm using google translator to make this contact, for that reason I do not know.

    This time I did exactly as you told me. Unfortunately it does not.

    I made the adjustment in the buttons_custom.cfg, gave a restart in fop, in fop2 administrator clicked on buttons to update, until there everything ok. When the conference room with two extensions do not appear in the conference on FOP2.

    I'm sorry to be disturbing here, but I did not find any content on the internet about confusing + FOP2. And for this reason I am archi

    I do not want to be boring, I have an example of a file in a job and one can pass me a lot of thanks.


  6. Thu May 18 19:21:30 2017

    Based on past information, I made some adjustments.
    All without success.
    See attachment with my settings and FOP2 running.


    Thanks a lot for the help.

  7. Thu May 18 17:16:48 2017

    Okay, done as you told me.
    Now the conference appears in fop2 but when I enter the conference room, it does not update informing who is in the room.
    Anything else to do?

    See attached.

  8. Thu May 18 12:24:29 2017
    wilson.mello started the conversation SQL Server database.

    Here we do not use asterisk with mysql, we use asterisk with Microsoft SQL Server, CDR and other functions.

    Is there any way for FOP2 to fetch insights from the latest calls from a database in SQL Server?

  9. Thu May 18 12:17:26 2017
    wilson.mello started the conversation ConfBridge on Asterisk 11 with FOP2 (resolved).

    Staff, good morning, do not notice English, I'm from Brazil and I'm using google translator.

    One help please:

    I have an asterisk 11 with fop2 licensed, I created a conference room with the confbridge application, however, it does not appear in FOP2.

    Does FOP2 not have support for confbridge or do I need to do something manually?

    I'm waiting.

    Thank you.
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    attached photo.

    my confbridge.conf





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