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    Tue Jan 15 23:00:00 2019

    THanks Nicolas with Live Chat answered my question.

  2. Tue Jan 15 22:46:38 2019
    chipep started the conversation Presence Box DND Integration Help.

    I have "Presence Box DND Integration" installed on another server. Some of those users have migrated to a new server and want this feature. I am unable to find it in the Plugins Page.
    Is there somewhere else that I should be looking or has this plugin been replaced with something else that I am not seeing either. Please help.

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    Thu Jul 19 15:35:06 2018
    chipep started the conversation Blank FOP2 Admin Page.

    I am having a problem accessing the FOP@ Admin page. It will go to the page without issue but then it is blank, I do not have even a login screen. The FOP2 Panel is working without issue, it is only the Admin page. This is an Elastix machine and everything has worked without issue until it prompted me for the newest update, in the FOP admin, and I proceeded. That is when all the issues began.
    I have another Elastix machine that has FOP2 installed and when I ran the update on it, I didnt lose access. It works perfectly. I have tried accessing it from different machines, different networks, different browsers, it does not matter, they all load a blank page.

    Any thoughts?

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    Fri Jun 2 17:25:50 2017
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