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    Thu Aug 8 14:20:54 2019

    I don't know of any way, without some php mods, to see actual popups without being logged into the queue, but the default information from the popup is in the queue widget, and there is a wealth of info in the full wallboard. You don't have to be logged into a queue to either of those. Just make a user/group/template that is allowed to see them.

  2. 2 weeks ago
    Tue Aug 6 18:44:21 2019

    I believe your suspicion is correct. If you have 3 browsers logged into the same extension, all 3 browsers will get 3 popups when the phone rings. I can't think of a workaround for seeing popups, but they can see who's calling or in queue without a popup by making a FOP2 login without an extension but allowing them to see what caller IDs are waiting in the queue.

    A little PHP page with fast refresh and some tweaks in checkdir would allow you to essentially echo all the popup info from every call to a web page non-agents could monitor.

  3. Tue Aug 6 18:34:38 2019
    jerryriggin posted in Question regarding queue pause.

    Also, if you click on the little circle in upper left of extension widgit and select "Pause" the agent is paused without a reason.

  4. Tue Aug 6 18:33:12 2019
    jerryriggin posted in Question regarding queue pause.

    When an agent selects a pause reason other than "Available" the agent is paused in the queue. Also, if you click on the little circle in upper left of extension wided and select "Pause" the agent is paused with a reason. In either case, the agent is paused until someone un-pauses.

    I assum you have check out the docs at

  5. Thu Aug 1 15:54:17 2019
    jerryriggin posted in revoke licence.

    Probably a bad idea to post your key. Best to email use the little chat box below (when it says, "Let's Talk") or email

  6. Thu Aug 1 15:48:46 2019
    jerryriggin posted in Admin Panel / Credentials Issue.

    Please see -- if you can get to FOP2/admin when logged into FreePBX you have USE_BACKEND_AUTH = TRUE in /var/www/html/fop2/admin/config.php. You can also set admin UN/PW there.

    Also, Note that FreePBX 15 is still beta and there have been MANY changes, so FOP2 is not fully integrated. If you can't access the CDR from FOP2, try this:

    Problems is not credentials but that freepbx.conf file in /etc/ differs in format from the one in /etc/freepbx. You can do a quick fix by editing /var/www/html/fop2/config.php and replace (at the end of the file), the function parse_amportal_conf with this version:

    function parse_amportal_conf($filename) {

    $file = file($filename);
    if (is_array($file)) {
    foreach ($file as $line) {
    if (preg_match("/^\s*([^=]*)\s*=\s*[\"']?([\w\/\:\.\,\}\{\>\<\(\)\*\?\%!=\+\#@&\\$-]*)[\"']?\s*([;].*)?/",$line,$matches)) {
    if(preg_match('/\$amp_conf/',$matches[1])) {
    $matches[1] = preg_replace('/\$amp_conf\[\'/','',$matches[1]);
    $matches[1] = trim($matches[1]);
    $matches[1] = substr($matches[1],0,-2);
    $matches[1] = trim($matches[1]);
    $conf[ $matches[1] ] = trim($matches[2]);
    } else {
    die("<h1>".sprintf("Missing or unreadable config file (%s)...cannot continue", $filename)."</h1>");
    return $conf;
    Nicolás Gudiño Jul 31, 22:07

  7. Thu Aug 1 15:31:06 2019
    jerryriggin posted in DNIS is cidname of extension.

    Sounds like a PBX issue, not an FOP2 issue. What happens when you use a soft phone to dial without FOP2?

  8. Thu Aug 1 15:18:54 2019

    Is FreePBX firewall or fail2ban running? What OS are you running chrome on?

    Also, if you are running FOP2 the only use I am aware of for the Chrome plugin is click-to-dial. Is that why you are installing it?

  9. 10 months ago
    Sun Oct 14 00:31:01 2018
    jerryriggin started the conversation New 2.31.19.

    Hi, Nicolás!

    Thanks for 2.31.19 and the new popURLHangup!

    What varaibales are available in the querystring for this popup?

    :( sadly no way to put a title on this.

  10. Fri Sep 21 04:08:33 2018
    jerryriggin started the conversation Logout FOP2 Agent from Server.

    When an agent leaves their workstation without logging out (hard to believe but it happens!) Their phones are on auto-answer so they get calls and customer hears background noise. Of course I can log them out of queues, or pause them with FOP2 GUI, but I want a complete logout so my logout scripts run.

    How can I log a user out of FOP2 from the server? Essentially I want to click the logout button "<span class="logouttitle">Logout</span>" remotely and have FOP2 also run my logout script. Maybe a way to call setvar.php with sessionID, key, etc?

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