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    Fri Mar 29 22:15:43 2019
    mikem started the conversation Error near "Storable::freeze" trying to Upgrade.

    Per instructions on this forum, I wanted to see if I was still eligible for upgrades, so I ran:

    [mikem@pbx Downloads]$ sudo /usr/local/fop2/fop2_server --upgrade

    which generated the following error:
    [mikem@pbx Downloads]$ sudo /usr/local/fop2/fop2_server --upgrade
    syntax error at /loader/0xa317e54/AnyEvent/DBI.pm line 143, near "Storable::freeze
    syntax error at /loader/0xa317e54/AnyEvent/DBI.pm line 160, near "Storable::thaw substr"
    syntax error at /loader/0xa317e54/AnyEvent/DBI.pm line 164, near "Storable::freeze ["
    syntax error at /loader/0xa317e54/AnyEvent/DBI.pm line 322, near "Storable::thaw substr"
    Backslash found where operator expected at /loader/0xa317e54/AnyEvent/DBI.pm line 523, near "Storable::freeze \"
    syntax error at /loader/0xa317e54/AnyEvent/DBI.pm line 523, near "Storable::freeze \"
    Compilation failed in require at script/fop2_server.pl line 23.
    BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at script/fop2_server.pl line 23.

    NOTE: Funny line break on line 2 is in the original output.

    Any hints?

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    Sat May 5 19:57:59 2018

    I don't see any problem in your screenshots, but I would check "Groups", "Templates" and "Users" very carefully. There are lots of rights & group settings that could cause this.

    Users = extrensions, queues, etc. Groups are sets of Users.. By default there are "All Extensions", "All Buttons" etc. Groups. Templates assign Groups to Users to make management easier... at least, that's the way I comprehend it.

    For example... are the new extensions/queues showing up in the "All Buttons" group?
    What is set as the default Template?

  3. Sat May 5 08:29:47 2018
    mikem posted in Can Queues list be ordered?.

    Answering my own question...

    YES, members of any group can be ordered! Do it in the Admin interface by just dragging & dropping to order the list; then Reload Fop2, reload the user GUI, et voila!

    Do the ordering on the "Buttons" tab; it works for extensions, queues, ring groups, etc. There's no visual grab handle; just click anywhere outside of an entry field & drag...

  4. Wed May 2 20:41:33 2018

    In the Admin, under "Actions", have you Reloaded FOP2 and Asterisk? I frankly don't know exactly what these do, but I have to refresh both sometimes to get changes to show in gui.

    In one case I think I actually had to restart FOP2 server, but don't remember what that was...

  5. Wed May 2 20:26:09 2018
    mikem started the conversation Can Queues list be ordered?.

    I originally created 2 queues, which were listed in numeric order in FOP2. Now I've added 3 more queues, and they are listed above the 2 original queues, even though they have higher extension numbers.

    The list is in no discernible order - not numeric, nor chronological in order of creation.

    Is there a way to sort, or manually order, the list of queues?

    Can anyone tell me how the ordering is done... I could hack a bit if I knew where to look...

  6. Wed May 2 20:14:21 2018

    @sanjayws asked the critical question.

    FOP2 uses "web sockets" (unless using Flash) ... and websockets communication is not over the same port as the HTTP connection. So getting to the http GUI (eg login screen) is unrelated to the FOP2 conversation with the server, which by default is initiated on port 4445.

    Note that one of the wonderful consequences of this is that you can have different tabs of the same browser logged in as different extensions. Most apps won't do this because the HTTP connection is shared between tabs... E.g., I can't log in the my personal bank account in one tab and my business bank account in another... but I *can* be extension 161 in one tab and extension 2626 in another with FOP2, thanks to websockets.

  7. Thu Jan 4 02:49:50 2018
    mikem started the conversation Best Practice w/ mulitple SIP account phones....

    My phones are all 4 line (technically, 4 SIP accounts) at all of our desks. Users are likely to want access to any of the 4 lines, but can only log in to 1 at a time as far as I can see.

    If a user chooses to use FOP2 instead of the handset, is there a way to choose which SIP account to use, without logging out and back in each time?

    For incoming it's not an issue, but for outgoing the main issue is the CallerID presented to the client... so a way to easily set the outbound CID would be OK even if always dialed from the same SIP account... though it would mess up accounting...


  8. Thu Jan 4 02:43:33 2018

    I'm currently using a hosted FreePBX/asterisk server located in a data center somewhere; I have no physical access, but I do have shell (root) access to the box.

    I've installed FOP2 on the PBX host machine and all works well. Users access FOP2 from the business location... meaning that the FOP2 web sockets are going across the internet.

    QUESTION #1: Is this websocket traffic encrypted??? If not by default, can it be?

    Also, I've realized that anybody could use our machine to make calls by just guessing extension numbers and all numeric, typically very short, passwords. This is obviously terrible security...

    QUESTION #2: What is the normal setup in my situation (hosted, remote PBX)? Should I have installed FOP2 on a local server? But then the Asterisk API/REST calls would all be on the internet, right? Then, the same question about encryption arises...

    Bottom Line: What's the most secure way to set up a FOP2 for a remote Asterisk (FreePBX) box?

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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