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  1. 3 months ago
    Mon Apr 22 15:31:25 2019
    wkdsT started the conversation Hold Time on Full Wallboard/CCStats.

    I cannot find documentation on what the Hold Time column on the full wallboard plugin/CCStats2.2.6 (I'm assuming under Agent>Agent availability).

    It doesn't seem to be reporting accurately no matter what I imagine it could possibly be. Some clarification would be invaluable.

  2. 4 months ago
    Mon Mar 25 20:01:54 2019

    Asterisk 13.19.1 to be precise.

  3. Mon Mar 25 20:00:53 2019
    wkdsT started the conversation Queue call shows up multiple times with 00:00:00.

    Weird issue that recently started to happen. I've updated to the latest build and it continues to occur.

    A call will come into a queue and show up multiple times (6x for example), the actual call will show a wait time, the rest will show 00:00:00.

    Running asterisk 13 on freepbx 13.

    Also, I tried to attach screenshots, but I'm getting "Error uploading "multiplecalls.png": Could not save uploaded file.The upload was cancelled, or server error encountered"

  4. Mon Mar 25 19:48:52 2019

    I had this issue with low resources. There are a number of modules in Freepbx that take up TONS of ram and CPU, watch htop and see if anything spikes. iSymphony was the biggest culprit, causing java to take up most of my ram. There were a number of other such as ZULU that I removed. I haven't had this particular issue since.

  5. 5 months ago
    Thu Mar 14 16:26:06 2019
    wkdsT started the conversation High CPU mysqld.

    Running callcenterstats2.2.5

    Is there anything that I can do to reduce the CPU load when running queries with Call Center Stats2? At times the load is 200% in top. Am I able to remove old cdr information from the database, say 6 months back, and if so would this help? I understand that the time frame specified will create more entries to query, but even searching three days worth of stats causes a high cpu load.

  6. Mon Mar 4 21:54:57 2019
    wkdsT started the conversation Queue call counter.

    I can't find this in the documentation, so posting this here. What is the counter that shows up next to a queue agent? It only appears at random but looks like it should tie into the amount of time that a queue agent is on the phone, but not all agents that are on the phone for a call show this timer, and it tends to continue to count upward in the queue button after the call has ended. Are my assumptions that this should show the duration of the queue call and then go away when the call is over?

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    Fri Jul 13 17:52:01 2018

    I know this is an old post, but I am also running into this issue on 2.31.17 on freepbx. Haven't run into this issue before.

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