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    Tue Mar 13 16:46:39 2018

    I wanted to add that we are having this issue as well. shows the correct names, but they are not reflected in fop2 operator panel.

    We are using FreePBX distro with Asterisk 14 (SNG7-PBX-64bit-1712-2)

    *** Edit ***
    A reboot of the PBX seems to fixed the label issue - guess something isn't reloading in memory.

  2. 8 years ago
    Mon May 9 12:33:12 2011
    euser4life started the conversation Ability to play recorded calls.

    The voicemail explorer is a nice add on, but currently there is no way to play recorded / monitored calls (without going to ARI). It would be nice to have the same kind of option / permission to play recorded calls from FOP2. Seems like this would be fairly easy to do.

  3. Mon May 9 12:29:38 2011
    euser4life started the conversation Tell if online or offline for Chat.

    When using the chat in FOP2 you have no way of knowing if the person you are trying to IM with is online (or in other words has the client open). It would be very useful to know if they were available to recieve chat messages.

    It would also be useful if the Chat could pop up even if the web browser was minimized. I've seen some other threads about addons for either chrome or firefox, but this does not seem feasible in large deployements and in places where IT managers only allow Internet Explorer.

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