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  1. 2 years ago
    Tue Sep 5 18:30:35 2017
    busster8 started the conversation agent stats in fullwallboard.

    Installed FOP2 basic and fullwallboard plugin.
    I can watch agents make and get queue calls, but the agent stats are not updating correctly.
    Worked for a while with a FOP tech, but lost him. Agent stats are not accurate at all.

  2. 5 years ago
    Wed Aug 6 20:33:30 2014
    busster8 posted in Recordings form.

    Since making these changes, it does not appear that I can add new recordings.

    Pressing the record button acts normal, but when you go to the recordings menu, no new recordings are there.

  3. Wed Aug 6 19:59:39 2014
    busster8 started the conversation End User with multiple extensions.

    I have an end user with 4 separate extensions on his phone. How can the user login and control multiple extensions?

  4. Wed Aug 6 19:56:18 2014
    busster8 posted in Recordings form.

    changed a false to true in php. now working.

  5. Wed Aug 6 19:50:04 2014
    busster8 posted in Recordings form.

    This works so see the note field, but I am unable to edit or add to the note field.

  6. Tue Aug 5 14:05:09 2014
    busster8 started the conversation Recordings form.

    It would be great to add a field to the recordings form, allowing the end user to add a note regarding the recording. This would allow the end user to more easily find the recording later.

  7. 6 years ago
    Mon Oct 22 14:15:17 2012
    busster8 posted in first time install.

    Removed and re-entered Elastix security settings, all seems to be working.

    To get to FOP2 directly without using the Elastix menuing system, should we be able to browse directly to:


    to login to FOP2?

  8. Fri Oct 19 21:29:24 2012
    busster8 started the conversation first time install.

    Purchased a license for Elastix. Do not see the IM capability. I unblocked port 4446 tcp, but still being blocked unless I deactivate the firewall.

  9. Tue Sep 25 13:57:24 2012
    busster8 posted in On-Line Demo.

    I installed the FOP2 found in Elastix, but the GUI appears to be different than what I see in your screen shots.

    Additionally, one of the features my customer used was the instant messaging, this does not appear to be available unless paid.

  10. Mon Sep 24 17:22:59 2012
    busster8 started the conversation On-Line Demo.

    Is there an on-line demo of FOP2?

    I have a customer that is upgrading from Trixbox to Elastix. They have been used to using Hudlite and FOP2 appears to be a good replacement.

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