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    Sat Jan 5 18:44:37 2019
    mainenotarynet posted in Question on Revoking Licnese(s).

    New update -- old system is now completely dead so a Manual reset of my full license and all of my add-on licenses are required. I will have to find them all on my old computer and request the manual revoke as the reply did not come in time. Thanks anyways -->Asternic support here I come.

  2. Mon Dec 31 21:45:43 2018
    mainenotarynet started the conversation Question on Revoking Licnese(s).

    I have a Full License and a few add-on ones too -- but where I have them is on HiFormance which has decided to close. I have access (for now via the IP address) to the old box but my question is: Do I need to revoke ALL (add-on ones and Full) Licenses or just the full License, and if All -- in which order? I have FOP2 on my new box but need to move the license(s) fast before the HiFormance goes kablooey. If I can't get them out fast enough I'll need manual revokations, but don't want to do that if I don't have to.

    Help appreciated. Have a Happy New Year.

  3. 2 years ago
    Thu Aug 17 22:28:30 2017

    Seeing same - CentOS7 / ISSABEL 4 / Fop2 2.31.10 (have NOT installed my license - testing new platforms from my old FPBX one) this happens whether embeded in Issabel4 or from outside (read fqdn.tld/fop2/admin) -- I thought it was just my install.

  4. Fri May 26 17:56:34 2017
    mainenotarynet posted in Action png files not in color anymore.

    Still not right -- Attended transfer is ## unattended transfer is *2 and to park a call uses the attended transfer (*2)+the parking ext (70).

    What I want is not possible as you stilll don't understand - Short answer for all -It's not possible.

    doing what you suggest would dial *89(EXT) no matter which button you click (Dial, Attended or Blind) and THAT causes errors.

    NOT POSSIBLE - Let it go.

  5. Fri May 26 04:24:35 2017
    mainenotarynet posted in Action png files not in color anymore.

    This is what they look like to me -- and no I did not forget the padding:0; as I copied what you had above. Like I said not important I just don't like bland monochrome, but I am not turned off by it - I just liked the buttons in color. They are not even and the last 3 are not there at all so it looks evenn more stupid - Just leave it alone, not that important

    Extension header? Where / how to change as it I didn't see it on the buttons section of /admin/ .

    What I need is for "mainly BLIND Transfer" to do this

    call comes in -> click on ext to send call to -> click blind transfer -> Blind Transfer is ## I need to inject *89 BEFORE it dials the {$ext}

    Again these are "nice to have" not 'must work or else' so weather I can get this to work or not doesn't affect the program or my use of it.

    But really don't waste time getting it to work - it is not important.

    Thanks for trying -- I consider this closed now.

  6. Thu May 25 03:20:08 2017
    mainenotarynet posted in Action png files not in color anymore.

    OK- I'll have to suffer with the monochrome, as the icons do not fit the 'squares' from the 'font' variants. It woks but the old way looked better in my opinion but the file you posted the icons were smaller AND 3 were still font like. also I didn't say transfer to VOICEMAIL is *89 - I want any transfer EXCEPT to Parking Lot to be *89 (it plays a recording announcing where they are headed, I do not want that (*2+PL[70])but since it is the same 'icon' that is one or the other so that won't work either. Sorry to waste your time but neither are what I am looking for.

    Thanks anyways

  7. Tue May 23 04:05:42 2017
    mainenotarynet posted in Action png files not in color anymore.

    The theme css file shows the URLs for the .png files - so how do I make the panel use them? Also for transfer to a parking lot I dail one code but for a transfer to an extension I need to dial *89 (*TX) in my sterisk this plays a recording that says "Transferring to extension XXX, VM Greeting name." where can I change this in the panel - if possible?


  8. Sun May 21 03:33:02 2017
    mainenotarynet started the conversation Action png files not in color anymore.


    Just re-registered my FOP2 (I never got the maintenance extension for a couple years. But in all your site and everywhere I can find, the action bar png files are a black background with yellow and other colors for the icons (llamar.png for example. However now my panel has more of a monochrome icon (Black image on grey background -- not to be confused with greyed out -- not available)

    I had the icon (png) files from before and uploaded them but they still come out in Black/Grey -- on 3 different browsers. Any idea what happened? I have tried restarting both fop2 and httpd still no joy -- I do not like the monochrome look.

    Thanks for any help

  9. 5 years ago
    Thu Jan 30 15:08:00 2014
    mainenotarynet started the conversation Thinking of upgrading Asterisk - need advice.


    Currently using
    PBX in a Flash-Purple (Asterisk 1.8/Dahdi with FreePBX 2.9 and the Incredible PBX 2(?) along with FOP2)

    Want to upgrade to
    PBX in a Flash-Green (Asterisk 11/Dahdi with FreePBX2.10 and incredible PBX (4 or 11 can't remember which works) along with reinstalling my FOP2 once set up

    Steps I need to take BEFORE doing an upgrade (I bought a lifetime license 2 years ago - I plan on paying the yearly maintenance fee BUT do I revoke current license, Rebuild my PBX install FOP2 with the current license (in that order) then apply a yearly maintenance license or or I apply the YML to current install, revoke that and then do a rebuild and reinstall?

    Not ready to do this JUST yet but want to know because the last time I didn't revoke the license and had to get it done manually by your (or your "staff" :-) )

    Trying to avoid a problem before I create it.

    Steps and Process please would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You

    PS If it matters I am on Rent PBX with a FQDN and it IS on eth0 (last one I had was venet0:0)

  10. 8 years ago
    Thu Sep 1 19:55:33 2011

    After posting this issue I did a service fop2 stop and the memory went dow to 90% (from 97%) still way too high for normal then I did a amportal stop and checked in FreePBX and the memory was negligable. Then I did an amportal start (memory at 24% - usual norm) and restarted fop2 which increased memory to 31% this is OK but the memory creeps over time and when running the original fop the memory was usually steady around 35%.

    I don't know enough of the intricacies of linux to track down the REAL cause but since the massive memory usage started when I began using the FULL version of FOP2 I figured this is the best place to start.

    I will deal until I can catch you on LiveHelp as an amportal stop and start usually suffices to correct the problem in the meantime.

    Also the FOP monitor shows WARN even though I did follow the instructions to monitor FOP2 instead - I must be doing something backwards.

    Thanks again

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