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    Tue Jul 21 09:04:40 2009
    tobihes started the conversation Working with Touchscreen (Dialpad needed).

    Hello Nicolas,

    for working only with a touchpad and a headset there is a need for
    a dialpad (0-9*#) like a phone and a small keyboard. The dialpad
    for the numbers and a keyboard for entering names and so on.
    Both of these features slidable (in/out) when not used. The size
    of the buttons should be like the action-buttons top-left.


  2. Mon Jul 13 07:41:41 2009
    tobihes posted in Registering FOP2 brings errors.

    the error is discovered. nicolás will fix this shortly.
    the error came from the german output of ifconfig.

    best regards

  3. Sat Jul 11 22:04:15 2009
    tobihes posted in Can not login.

    do you use firefox or an other browser without the newest flash-plugin?

    look this thread: View Post 9

    hope i could help you.


  4. Sat Jul 11 21:10:18 2009
    tobihes started the conversation Init-Script for Debian.


    in your package under init/fop2.debian there is a litte small bug:

    line 6:


    has to be:




  5. Sat Jul 11 20:07:42 2009
    tobihes posted in Registering FOP2 brings errors.

    ifconfig is in /sbin

  6. Sat Jul 11 10:45:47 2009
    tobihes started the conversation Registering FOP2 brings errors.

    hello there,

    i give the "./fop2_server --register" then the following error occured:

    Use of uninitialized value $mac in string ne at script/ line 5755.
    Unable to find MAC address at script/ line 5760.

    my machine is a virtually running debian squeeze, kernel 2.6.26-2-686 SMP

    could it be the "" that doesn't exists? a hardcoded path?


  7. Sat Jul 11 10:26:35 2009
    tobihes posted in Cannot logon in web page.

    hi there,

    i had the same problem in a new firefox.
    the firefox on my testmachine don't have
    the flash-player installed. problem is no
    error message or hint or something is
    displayed when logging on fop2.

    i don't know i can help.

    @nicolás: is it possible to include a flash-testing
    function before or after login?