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  1. 5 years ago
    Wed Dec 11 03:39:29 2013

    It was fixed in 2.11

    http://code.freepbx.org/viewrep/FreePBX ... =&r2=16285

    Shows the changes made, you should be able to use those changes on any version.

  2. Fri Oct 4 21:14:31 2013

    Using the basic Parking lot that comes with 2.11 and using the default setup of extension 70 for the parking lot.

    When receiving a call that needs to be parked we press the transfer button on the Polycom and dial 70.
    The PBX answers and says the parking lot number.
    Then press the transfer button or hang up the phone to complete the transfer.

    When this is done the call shows in the FOP until the transfer is complete. Once it is complete it disappears from the FOP.

    Are there any type of logs that would be help to look at?

  3. Wed Oct 2 18:22:27 2013

    I've come across an issue when transferring calls to parking that they display in the parked section until the transfer is completed on the phone. Once the call transfer is completed by pressing the transfer key or hanging up the phone the call disappears from the parking lot. However the call is still parked.

    I believe it is only on attended transfers that it is taking place as if I do a blind transfer it will display correctly in the fop panel. However blind transferring does not announce the slot and not all users see the fop panel.

    Is there any way to make attended calls show?

    The system is running
    Fop2 2.27
    Freepbx 2.11
    Asterisk 11.4.0

  4. 6 years ago
    Thu Aug 29 21:28:00 2013
    wtsexton started the conversation ADHOC extension display oddity.

    I've got a system running FreePBX 2.11 with Asterisk 11.4.0.

    When an ADHOC user logs in their extension will turn green.
    When they log out it will turn grey then quickly back to green.

    I opened up developer tools in chrome and noticed

    When the user logs in the button goes green and this displayed.

    7,qualify=ok en slot 0

    When the user logs out the button goes grey and this displayed.

    7,qualify=notok en slot 0
    7,state=DOWN en slot 0

    Then immediately afterwards the button goes back to green and this is displayed.

    7,qualify=ok en slot 0

    Any ideas?

  5. 7 years ago
    Wed Mar 28 01:07:03 2012

    I wish it was only 30 events!

  6. Tue Mar 27 23:19:18 2012

    The daemon process jumps to 100% usage. This is an atom system also running the your queue stats package doing lame conversion of recordings. I've been digging around to see if there was any way to filter the event from even hitting the daemon but I've yet to come up with any.

  7. Tue Mar 27 21:07:32 2012
    wtsexton started the conversation Filtering out Pages from being displayed.

    I've got a system with around 70 phones that use an all phones paging feature. When using the paging feature it fop2_server will spike too 100% usage causing system lag. Is there a way to prevent pages from being displayed in fop2? This system uses freepbx which I believe uses meetme for its paging function.

  8. Tue Oct 18 17:51:24 2011

    Got it working by modifying the agi.

    Seems when they switched to 1.8 in the distro they neglected to update the agi scripts.

  9. Mon Oct 17 22:36:52 2011
    wtsexton started the conversation Device and User mode status updating.

    I've got a number of devices and users set up for adhoc which all appear to be working. Phone monitoring extensions show the extensions when logged in and not when not logged in. However FOP2 will only show the changes if the daemon is restarted each time someone logs in or out. Looking for a little guidance on what to look for.

    Running FreePBX on FreePBX distro
    and fop2_server version 2.23