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    Fri Jun 14 14:04:58 2019
    andrew started the conversation Admin Panel / Credentials Issue.
    We are encountering what is described in this thread. We have attempted the suggestions from there but without desired results.

    When we try and login to fop2 directly we get invalid credentials.
    We can login to freepbx then login to fop2 and it wall allow connection.
    Issue is admin panel has no data but operator users can still use and function with what was previously built.
    Our Call history is also missing like in previous case.
    We did verify that info in the manager_custom.conf matches what’s in the fop2.cfg file.

    FreePBX - Version 15.0.16
    FOP2 - Version 2.31.23
    FOP2 Manager - Version 1.2.2

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