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    Wed Sep 28 04:26:40 2016
    Mansaylon posted in User permission issue.

    Thank you. Was a very good tip.
    Had the wrong context.
    Now it works 'almost' everything.

    user = 50:xxxx:dial,hangup,pickup,phonebook,preferences,hangupself,meetme::clock,callhistory

    I can not call Call History. What right does it to?

  2. Tue Sep 13 03:55:09 2016
    Mansaylon posted in User permission issue.

    Does somebody has any idea?

  3. Thu Sep 8 15:01:46 2016
    Mansaylon posted in translate.

    If someone wants a complete German translation. Here attached.

    The phone directory ( ) can be changed in the line 338th

     $telsearch = "<a href='$onlynumber' onclick='FensterOeffnen(this.href); return false;'><img src='search.jpg' alt='Telefonbuch'></a>";

    The Image search.jpg [attachment:57d17d28ce57f] copy in the Callhistory directory.

    Viel Spass ;-)

  4. Tue Sep 6 15:15:32 2016
    Mansaylon started the conversation User permission issue.

    I do not want to give all permissions.

    user = 50:500:all::clock,callhistory
    user = 55:550:dial,hangup,pickup,phonebook,preferences,hangupself::clock,callhistory

    User 50 can see everything. Only the dial function do not work.

    User 55 do not see the phonebook and also the callhistory.

    I configure the fop2.cfg manually, because over the Fop2 Manager absolutely nothing happened. ;)

  5. Tue Sep 6 14:34:20 2016
    Mansaylon posted in Callhistory.

    Thank you very much. So I have to do my work not 3 times ;-))

  6. Mon Sep 5 22:19:38 2016
    Mansaylon posted in translate.

    I have made the translations (german) directly in callhistorybsgrid.php.
    Including a link to the telephone directory (Only for phone numbers from at least 10 numbers) ;-)

  7. Mon Sep 5 22:12:10 2016
    Mansaylon started the conversation Callhistory.

    What is the difference between:

    Do I really need all 3 files?

  8. Sun Aug 28 15:06:05 2016
    Mansaylon posted in translate.

    I see 'Call History' can not translate it. No variable for it. ;-)

  9. Sun Aug 28 14:36:23 2016
    Mansaylon posted in Clock Plugin not shows.

    And this is my fop2.cfg

    ; xxServer
    manager_host =
    manager_port = 5040
    manager_user = admin
    manager_secret = xxxxxxxx
    listen_port = 4445
    web_dir = /var/www/html/fop2
    language = de
    poll_interval = 86400
    poll_voicemail = 1
    monitor_ipaddress = 1
    spy_options = "bq"
    whisper_options = "w"
    blind_transfer = 0
    supervised_transfer = 1
    ; For fop2 recording interface
    master_key = xxxx
    user = 50:xxx:all
    user = 53:xxx:all
    user = 54:xxx:all
    user = 55:xxx:all
    buttonfile = buttons.cfg
  10. Sun Aug 28 13:59:49 2016
    Mansaylon posted in Clock Plugin not shows.

    I have installed the FOP2 manually on my CentOS Server.
    Configured manually the fop2.cfg and button.cfg
    I start the Manager and installed the Plugins Clock and Call History (both are not on the panel yet).

    FOP2 Version 2.31.03

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