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  1. 5 years ago
    Thu Nov 28 22:51:12 2013

    I don't have access to Group Policy for that machine but if FOP is able to run wouldn't that preclude blocking 4445?

  2. Tue Nov 26 02:25:11 2013

    I have a similar situation with one brand new Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit Machine. the other slightly older machines on that network are fine, no issues logging in.
    On this machine I have tried ever IE, Firefox & Chrome, tested JavaScript and installed Flash.
    After putting in credentials on this machine it attempts to connect over and over again

  3. 6 years ago
    Sat Mar 16 16:40:53 2013
    yahdie posted in Extenspy & FOP2.

    This is what I did:

    ;Chanspy Direct SIP Extension
    exten => _84377,1,Chanspy(SIP/4377|b)

    I don't get any audio...
    When I dial that extension(prefixed with "8") I get a "Beep" followed by silence

  4. Mon Feb 18 15:16:18 2013
    yahdie posted in Extenspy & FOP2.

    Thank You.
    Is there a way of restricting extenspy to only one extension?
    I may be straying off-topic....

  5. Sun Feb 17 17:32:22 2013
    yahdie started the conversation Extenspy & FOP2.

    I have FOP2 for the Receptionist (55+ extensions) on a Touchscreen Monitor, and she loves it btw.
    Now they want to setup a single extension that can be listened to by several other extensions in that unit.
    I wanted to try extenspy for that but I dont want to interfere with FOP2, and I dont want to use FOP2 for this task as the unit employees want to just setup a speed dial on their handsets.
    Any advice is welcome!