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  1. 3 years ago
    Thu Dec 10 10:46:35 2015
    mkeuter started the conversation Queue Stats plugin without FOP2 Manager?.

    Is it possible to activate and use the Queue Stats plugin without the FOP2 Manager?
    I ask because in AstLinux we don't have a MySQL server (only SQLite3).
    Or is there any progress regarding the FOP2 Manger and SQLite3?

  2. Thu Oct 29 17:39:10 2015
    mkeuter posted in GUI prefs popup URL variables.

    Thanks, works fine now.
    May be a good idea to document that somewhere …

  3. Tue Oct 27 12:23:15 2015
    mkeuter started the conversation GUI prefs popup URL variables.

    What variables can I use in the popup URL field in the GUI Preferences?
    I couldn't find any documentation about that feature, only about the global "checkdir.php" approach.

    E.g. "$clidnum" does not work for me.

  4. Sun Oct 25 12:08:02 2015

    It would be nice, if the search field at the top, could be used for dialing as well.

  5. 4 years ago
    Thu Mar 19 12:50:33 2015
    mkeuter posted in Queue Alarm Plugin released.

    Hi Nicolas,

    is it possible to put several plugins into a list and name them, like it is used for "groups" and "permissions"?

    e.g. like this:


    BTW: An example in the source code for an individual queue would be nice as well.

  6. Fri Mar 6 18:40:14 2015
    mkeuter posted in Queued Calls Counter Plugin.

    Any progress to support SQlite3 in FOP2 Manager?

  7. Wed Dec 10 17:01:25 2014
    mkeuter posted in Feature request from client.

    Thats exactly what the "group" parameter is for:



  8. Thu Nov 20 17:54:03 2014
    mkeuter started the conversation Include a buttonfile into a buttonfile.

    Hi Nicolas,

    is it possible to include a buttonfile from within another buttonfile?
    In a non-multi-tenant configuration.


  9. Fri Oct 3 09:29:12 2014

    No, I don't have a same name on both servers.

    BTW: When I comment out server 2 in fop2.cfg and in the button.cfg the button dialing works fine after reload.

  10. Thu Oct 2 09:01:14 2014

    This is new to me (IP).
    I use "server=1" and "server=2". I meant I found that in an older documentation.
    Is the use of the IP-address new and documented somewhere? Does it also work with hostnames?

    Update: I tested it with IP-addresses in "server=", but no change in behavior.

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