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  1. 2 years ago
    Sat Nov 12 15:25:31 2016
    skylord7 posted in plugin not licensed.

    It was permissions on the var/www/html/fop2 folder.

    Resolved now.

  2. Sat Nov 12 14:41:32 2016
    skylord7 started the conversation plugin not licensed.

    I've just purchased auto wrapup and Full wallboard. They are licensed on my server, but the admin screen shows them as unlicensed.

    root@pbx:/usr/src/fop2 $ server/fop2_server --plugins -i eth1
    Flash Operator Panel 2 - White Label Version

    I have restarted fop2.

  3. 6 years ago
    Thu Jul 25 14:11:37 2013

    Thanks for the reply. The problem was fixed by removing the permissions that I had set in the fopadmin module.

    Works great now.


  4. Wed Jul 17 23:13:44 2013
    skylord7 started the conversation FOP2 installed, buttons not working.

    I've installed a licensed version of fop2 and it seems to be properly installed but all i get when logged in as a user is a page of buttons where the only working function is chat.

    I've tested the ami connection and get this result,

    Flash Operator Panel 2 - White Label Version.
    Flash Operator Panel 2 - White Label License (7)
    Connection to manager OK!

    Searched around and can't see a route forward. I hope someone can point me in the right direction as I really want to use FOP2.

    Using PIAF with asterisk 11.3 and freepbx 2.11